I wanted to add She-hulk into one of my AUs for a long time.  I was thinking about adding her to Pocket Mums because Bee-Bee already crosses over into it, and that AU clearly isn’t restricted by its name sake.  She-hulk or Jenny to most of her friends, is a very successful lawyer with an amazing track record of winning verdicts.  She’s been May’s best BEST FRIEND since grade school and ever since her mutation into her She-Hulk appearance, has been a body guard and a voice of reason, taking care of her and making sure she doesn’t make a complete ass out of herself.  Jenny loves May as a close friend, even she admits that May can sometimes be a complete train wreck.

Here’s an unfinished sketch of Jenny taking May home from a party where she got too drunk and putting her to bed:


@thekingdomofkazz suggested I do a full-on Marvel AU, similar to the Batman one, and I’m totally digging it.  If I do, it’ll probably be the last AU character set that I do for a while because I a lot to work with already and I even plan to add more to all of my current AUs.

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