Kyo does neither enjoy nor detest Halloween. He really hates dealing with children trick-or-treating and pestering him during the day while he’s enjoying his opera (especially when his mother isn’t home; he’s threatened to set multiple children’s jack-o-lanterns on fire). He does like having candy laying around however, and will happily eat all of the chocolate his mother bought for visiting children.

Yagami uses Halloween to remove herself more from Rin’s curse, often dawning a dress that changes her figure into a taller, curvier woman. As a result, people around the town mistake Yagami as being her own older sister during Halloween, which brings Yagami some semblance of joy and comfort. Unfortunately the dress only works once a year, so she returns to being reclusive and miserable on the very next day…

As an aside, I’m gonna start specially marking my Halloween drawings. 

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