Finally made good on my new character, Rin’s nerdy bookkeeper!

Priscilla Scarborough

Height: 5′4″

Weight: 48kg

Species: Mountain Oni

Priscilla Scarborough, is an oni from the mountains northwest of the market down that Rin’s castle observes. She’s the daughter of a family of wealthy pelt traders who used their money to put their daughter through university.  She worked a few years in the private sector working for wealthy business men and traders in larger cities.  She was eventually hired by Rin to work on her budget right around the time she created her son, Lucian.  Rin however, still goes over budget constantly which drives her up a wall; Lucian loves going shopping with Priscilla and considers her a good friend, because she accompanies him everywhere he goes. 

Priscilla is blind similar to Morrigan, but Rin has granted her the ability to see in negative light when needed, usually for when she’s writing and collecting receipts.  She dresses professionally with a clean dress suit with prints reminiscent of the Scarborough family business. She’s a worrywart who constantly finds herself nervous and panicking over everything around her.  However… it’s rumored that she actually has a very lewd and horny side that she keeps away from other residents. Cloud once reported spotting a trunk with a leather corset and thigh high boots that roughly looked of Priscilla’s size…

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