New OC!

Drevio Satinheim is known better by the name, the MIstress of Nulmere Mire.  Nulmere Mire is a foggy swamp south in the region, away from the Western-most city, Wimbourne. It’s inhabited by rumored undead creatures and imps that enjoy the drab environments that surround them.  Drevio is unclear in terms of race, sporting human features but the eyes and fancy teeth of an imp. Many creatures of Nulmere, especially the swamp share the same strange deformities. Drevio himself is the self-proclaimed mistress of Nulmere because of his adept sorcery and mastery of hexes.  Similar to the Mistress of the East, the Duchess of Wimborne (Rin) Mistress of the Nulmere Mire relies on alchemy and dark powers to give himself the upper-hand.  In terms of preference he has a very specific taste in futas with a minuscule interest in men, although he likes breasts too much to ever really love men or even femboys. 

It’s unclear if Drevio has parents or where and how he was born, but like Rin and the Kusanagis, he has underlings who worship him as a trickster god. Many of them will go to great lengths to please Drevio in hopes of gaining an ounce of his dark magic and command over hexes.

Made this OC just because I was asked to do so. And yes, Drevio is based on the pokemon, Misdreavus and he’s not going to be the only one of the sort. Lol.

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