So um, with the batman au, who, out of everyone, is the most likely to dominate a lady in the bedroom? >///>

Phillis is easily the one character who would be all over a woman in the bedroom. She has a particular disdain for female petty thieves and criminals. Particularly punishing them with a set of bola and her other equipment.

She has quite a fascination with a certain petty thief who she’s had her eye on for a long time.


To the point where Phillis took her home with her and continued to do things with her.


She has a bit of a fixation on that same thief, even spanning back  from months before her extended encounter with her… Phillis has done so much with her that she can spot her easily in the dead of the Gotham night.


But Phillis also uses Bruce’s money, resources, and rolodex of high-end escorts to also have her way with women of the night if she’s feeling particularly sexually frustrated at the time.


There’s even a rumor that the old Catwoman has a bit of a thing for the new Catwoman… particularly with how large and round she is.


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