Adorable in her own bratty way, for sure! Though I think she’s grown a little bit, as shown by her letting Cloud and Morrigan go (upon Lucian’s wishes, sure, but I think something in her had to have changed a little). Those ideas are all great but I thiiiiink Drevio would be most interesting to see. Maybe Sahru. Tough choices lol

Since Ichose to use a non-canon “younger version of canonical-self” approach to Rin, I did the same for Talim. Instead of portraying her from her humble military family, this Talim still a lonely girl who tries to pretend like she’s not lonely. I imagine she’s just as spoiled and pouty as Rin but with a tinge of contempt and jealousy.  Sure “PRINCESS” Talim says she has a lot of friends but you just don’t see them ever. Also I wanted to incorporate her regular costume’s red “tails” somehow, so that’s where the cape comes in.


Sahru would be a kid when can’t quite live up to his barbarian father, a strong hearty man with a lot of bravery. Sahru is naturally sensitive, a soft big guy who likes the cuter things in life.  Sure he can lift an axe but only after he tries to ask for a smaller one. Despite his size, he’d get bullied often and cry after, with how mushy his heart is.


Baby Drevio was actually interesting to realize! Still a forest trekking trickster with no shoes but an interest in exploring the areas around him. He climbs a lot of trees and plays pranks on the local hikers and travelers in the area.  Also, he has NOT learned any English yet, opting only speak his native imp tongue. What he’s saying translates to: 

“This banana is good! it taste so fresh and sweet! i wonder if there are more deep in the forest… Yummy!”


I thought I’d do three more one-offs for now and come back to this concept later! Definitely something I had a LOT of fun doing!

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