Aensland Estate AU: Link Debut Comic

Thank you for being patient with me, everyone! I really wanted to try doing a comic for debuting a character instead of the usual three-drawing structure, especially since it gives me chance to tell a bit more of a story with a comic instead of the latter! This is my first time drawing a whole comic so all of the patience was appreciated! ;-; If I try this approach again, I’m definitely going to condense it much, much more! 

Let me know which you prefer for new characters!!!

Link is a young Bolarian dancer who is hired by Ankura to dance for him and his private party of Rin and her personal favorite servants. Rin, of course with her love of effeminate men, was immediately entranced by Link and his dancing.  She becomes obsessed to the point where all she can think about is Link and his limber body.  Eventually, she manages to find this mysterious boy while strutting the Bolarian coasts, asking Link to come home with her. At first, her old self comes out and spanks him, but that soft, compassionate side eventually comes through in the end. Now the question is… Will he stay or will he go?

I loved having the chance to fully characterize Rin fully and actually show how she speaks and interacts with others. Also! This is a great way to cap off the Aensland’s trip to the coasts of their region. 

Now that that’s outta the way, I can get back to pumping out content regularly!

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