Haven’t seen Lulu in a while. Does that side of him not come out as often anymore? Has he been so content with everything right now (and ND?) that he hasn’t noticed/felt that way in a while? Would be kinda cute if he’s grown away from it in a way, though I’ll miss the lewd boi :P

Lucian showed ND Lulu as a means of sleeping together one night. He really wanted ND to give into the sensual charms of Lulu, but ND was actually incredibly turned off by the quiet sensitive boy he knew becoming a pushy, aggressive mistress, complete with his mom’s magical whip. ND doesn’t mind when he used to pleasure Rin, but he likes Lucian for who HE is, not for who his MOTHER is.


The two ended up doing nothing but talking and sharing candy all night in a slumber party instead. Lucian was originally glum because he didn’t get to show off his other side to ND. But ND wasn’t particularly interested in Lulu in the first place.

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