I received an ask a few months ago regarding Lucian starting a book club.  I’ve since deleted the ask, but I still felt like it would be a fun concept for Lucian to have a little book club with a few of his friends he has made in the town marketplace in Wimbourne. Genga is a Nulmere halfling with supposed ghost properties. Her mother and father moved to Wimbourne when she was little girl and has had a pretty comfortable life since. Diandra is a studious Gerudo, her two older sisters being prominent witches and spell casters, she has an interest in books and literature that rivals Lucian!

Tanya (who I’m glad to bring back) has a section of her pub devoted to the studying of the book club and will even bring the non-alcoholic beverages like milkshakes and root beer to enjoy while they discuss the week’s material. Rin lets Lucian make friends in town and he very much enjoys being able to host his book clubs with ND and Linkle standing guard.

Adell also wants to join. But only because he wants to learn how to read. Being illiterate all of his life.

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