Aensland Estate AU Uncensored Collection: 2022-2023

A collection of uncensored Aensland Estate AU drawings that date back to late 2022. It compiles stories featuring Talim, Tanya, Princess Laika , Lucian and a recently redesigned Rin Aensland.

Anna Marie Collection

Hello! Since The IMGUR links are going to be going down soon, I’m going to move my uncensored collections to my main blog! This will make things a little easier to manage since I can control the content better. Anna-Marie’s a character who gained some traction AFTER I started differentiating her from Rogue, which was kinda cool. Anyway, here’s a collection of some of her recent drawings.

Vog Comix #3: Slumber Party Animal

Hello! Here is the third entry into the Vog-Comix series at long last!

The first Vog Comix in the series to feature one of my recurring characters, Liam Hamilton. He’s been teasing his mother, Barbra Hamilton over her perversions for a year now. Recently he started dating Jennifer, a student on campus who is taken by Liam’s pure disdain for anything productive. Now he brings Jennifer around his mom’s house to hang out.

And hang out loudly.

This is a subject outside of my wheelhouse, so if anyone is uncomfortable with me writing something this taboo, that is totally understandable.

Boku No Hero Academia Doujin: Pill Mommy (Your Local Bad-Girl Fantasy)

Pill Mommy explores Ayami Michikawa and her liaison with Himiko Toga known as the local troublemaker of the neighborhood. Although Ayami seems to be meeting her to complete her term paper and for Chemistry class, she might have other motives in mind. Himiko, however, can spot a pervert from a mile away and doesn’t think twice on taking her new “girlfriend” for a ride.

The cover of Pill Mommy. A yuri/lesbian doujin focused on the My Hero Academia character, Himiko Toga and her newfound friend, Ayami Michkawa
The “back” of the comic includes some extras like exclusive sketches and new artwork!

Yellow Diamond Sitting

Yellow Diamond is gradually becoming more interested in the humans in the same way that Blue Diamond is now. It’s the summer time and she needs to take some lifeguard work to support the band while bookings are tight. One of the young men she ran into on her shift took a liking to her.