Dinah and Phillis play with Bolas

Dinah and Phillis have been spending the last few months since New Years trying new positions together in between Phillis’s duties as Batman. Phillis is trying her best to keep Dinah off of the streets as much as possible so instead of having her spend nights on the streets, Dinah instead lays her head at the post of the master bedroom. The two have found new interesting ways to spice up their sex and it mostly comes from Phillis’s equipment being introduced. While the Batarang, grapnel and other gear is far too violent to be comfortably used, Phillis’s bolas worked great for her wrangling criminals and thieves so why not try it on each other? Phillis has a secret bondage fetish and was SUPER turned on by the bolas.

She likes the fantasy of being tied up and rode cowgirl style. Especially whenever she tries to use her massively impressive muscles to wrestle out of her bolas. At least that proves that they’re effective tools.