Addition to the Stecian ask meme I sent: thought about it and figure Lucian would be bottom. As much as I would LOVE to see him make use of dat biggus dickus of his, I just love the idea of him/a big dicked boi being a bottom. Especially with Stevie who has a cute and unimposing dick. All hypothetical of course. Those two are too pure and wholesome to canonically go at it :p



You see, with that I’d pair Lucian with the older Stevie wherein Stevie’s penis started to develop. It’s very tiny, but by then she’s matured enough sexually to know how to handle having such a small size. But even present Stevie would probably be top just to explore how it feels to be top. Lucian is FAR too meek and shy to be top. And yeah… it would take a Biggoron’s sword trade route-amount of sequences for Stevie and Lucian to actually bang. They’d play and fondle, but it might only en with Stevie fingering Lucian or giving him a hand job.  Lucian is INCREDIBLY scared to go all the way with anyone.  But if anyone would guide him through that, it would be MILF Stevie~

Aaawww, I like the thought of MILF Stevie being a sorta ‘guide’ for Lucian. Makes me wonder which would be better in the ‘slice of life’ au, MILF Stevie or normal Stevie?

It’s the difference between how she’ll be in his life, either a galpal ot a “Mrs. Robinson” type. Although I have done the “guiding mother” dynamic when Mama Oxton was teaching her most precious “daughter” Alisa how to use a strapon on her~💖💖💖

An old unfinished set with @capnxero/@dkcx with Angie from Regiment 803 and her butt.  I decided to lay down some flats and shade it.  Especially since I haven’t posted any Reg stuff in a long time! I kinda like the dynamic of her being a worrywart, but also incredibly professional. Despite being very unprofessional by not getting an appropriate sized dress.

I guess maybe because they find your su, rin and batman aus more interesting and I are developed?

Looking back on each universe objectively, it kinda comes down to those three universes having a stand-out character who fans attach to. Jasper and to an extent Pam are pretty sexually liberal and have plenty of personality to go with it. Secondary characters like Phillis Patenicia, Selina Kyle and Ms. Quinn have a better chance to develop because plenty of people inquire about them. Palmer Isley himself even changed from his inception which creates investment.

Pearl, Clara, Amethyst, Stevonnie, etc were also allowed to develop faster simply from output; the SU AU takes the least amount of time to answer so it naturally has the most drawings. Aensland Estate I think is more popular because all of the characters orbit around Rin Aensland, who changes over time, affecting every other character in her wake. In addition to being able to create new characters, she has LARGE influence on the universe itself, thus she’s given the most detailed character arc of all.

Pocket Mums is probably higher on the food chain because it has the same ensemble type harem cast but has characters with motivation. Dawn is a nervous wreck because she’s a single mother who’s incredibly sexually frustrated and uses cam shows and hookups to fill the gap. Sabrina is cold and silent because she doesn’t understand how relationships work but tries too hard to please her girlfriend, Phoebe. May is trashy because she hates her marriage and her husband. It’s simple but it’s much deeper than her just being a drunk because she’s a drunk.

But hey, I encourage everyone to still look through the Regiment 803 tag if ya can, I think you’ll all find something to latch on to like Leona’s body positivity, Blair’s trickery, Sheva’s puppy love for Leona and Jade’s dudebro antics. Lol

Either way I am thinking showing the creation some form of love and caring maybe not like rin’s children like you said but like some of her likeable slaves. On the essence part, like before she has a variety of Essences to choose from. Not just from her universe but others like the su au, batman au and that seemingly forgotten AU that has a thicc tracer


You get ten bonus points for remembering Mama Oxton from Regiment 803.


…Beats me why Reg803 is neglected by fans…

The Regiment took a field trip to the beach for some time to unwind and relax. While the other recruits like Christie and Jade arrange volleyball games, preparing fireworks for the late-night show, like Ms. Oxton and Alisa or just handing out sunblock like candy and warning of the dangers of sun exposure like Elena and her nervous band of nurses, Jill, Cammy and Leona decided to play in the water.  JILL AND CAMMY PLAYED SOME NASTY PRANKS ON LEONA, STEALING HER SWIMSUIT AND SPLASHING HER WITH WATER. 

The two got caught stepping out of line by Netta, their commanding lieutenant and were ordered to build a sandcastle big enough to satisfy her.  She then bought Leona a nice summer hat for her troubles. Netta spent most of the day with her assistant, Sheva and HER assistant Marie, watching the waves go by. Sheva and Marie enjoyed a little bit of swimming but mostly cuddled up with the boss on the shore line. Yes, Marie has that may floating devices. She’s deathly terrified of drowning.

MaybeI’ll do more parts to the beach/summer story at a later date… This took some time but it was hella fun!