Yeah! Her name is Leona! I’m finally getting to bridging these universes, took long enough, geez…

Leona has started subscribing to Amie-Girl since she found out about their new model, Sherry Birkins. She is a plus-sized model who is a strong advocate for body positivity. Since Leona has always been worried about her weight and felt like Jill’s teasing was a bit harsh, having a role model like Sherry to look up to has slowly boosted her confidence in her own body.

I apologize for swerving the ask a bit, but this thread I’ve been sitting on for about AHEM…


…4 months

Out of every recruit on base, Blair loves Halloween the most. She goes around playing tricks on everyone else, decorating the walls with bats, ghosts, ghouls and zombies. She gets a lot of joy getting into the spirit of spookiness and sweetness combined.  Sometimes, Alisa doesn’t really understand it (her being a robot and all) and thinks that her “big sister” is making fun of her. Luckily, Mama Oxton is always there to set the two straight if anything gets out of hand. These three are the cutest together…


The recruit trio (Jill, Leona and Cammy have lunch out in the airfield with Leona bringing her daily lunch a stem of celery and a bag of baby carrots.  Since isn’t much of an exercise enthusiast, she tries to cut down her weight by dieting.  Jill likes to play health guru with her and tries to get Leona to go to the gym every once.  Cammy, the partier she is, usually just drinks during lunch time, only occasionally packing a bag of chips to go with her beer.

And yes, Jill is a huge comic book fan.  

Honestly, I really like drawing these three. They have a very cute chemistry.

After adding Bee-Bee to my Pocket Mums AU, I starting thinking about ways to link that and Reg 803.  So to bind them to together a bit more, instead of 9S working at Amie-Girl along with 2B, he works under the Medical Division of the 803rd Regiment.  He’s a diligent hard worker who just doesn’t want to disappoint his superiors. And while the rest of the division is pretty laid back, 9S pushes the bar of work ethic ever higher. On his application, Jill changed his name to Linus so that he doesn’t sound like “a freakin’ test tube project”.