How does Morrigan get her slaves?

Morrigan did so using hypnotism and her draining of sounds through her race as a succubi. Morrigan was incredibly cruel and cold upon capturing, using cunning and lecherous nature to trick her lovers into serving her eternally.

When Rin first took the estate from Morrigan, she was very vicious about about capturing her slaves, exactly like Morrigan was. She used to scope out people she preferred and and those she felt needed to be punished for infractions (such as Yagami cheating on his wife, Nerel. Rin was incredibly predatory and was obsessed with ownership.  Eventually, especially after the birth of her two children, Rin became much less possessive, while she still was capturing people she saw as seeing punishment, she was much more caring once they were under her control.  The big change happened when she released Morrigan and let her live with Cloud as a normal blind wife.  After releasing Morrigan, Rin no longer captures people, instead, she now has admirers who come to her lavish castle above Wimbourne and pledge their loyalty to her. Some do it for money, some do it for food, others do it because they love the Archduchess and her ways.  Rin now tries to transfer that motherly love she thrusted upon herself onto her subjects and as of late, many say that their Queen, Mistress Rin Lorei Aensland is perhaps the most gracious of the four regions.  

I received an ask a few months ago regarding Lucian starting a book club.  I’ve since deleted the ask, but I still felt like it would be a fun concept for Lucian to have a little book club with a few of his friends he has made in the town marketplace in Wimbourne. Genga is a Nulmere halfling with supposed ghost properties. Her mother and father moved to Wimbourne when she was little girl and has had a pretty comfortable life since. Diandra is a studious Gerudo, her two older sisters being prominent witches and spell casters, she has an interest in books and literature that rivals Lucian!

Tanya (who I’m glad to bring back) has a section of her pub devoted to the studying of the book club and will even bring the non-alcoholic beverages like milkshakes and root beer to enjoy while they discuss the week’s material. Rin lets Lucian make friends in town and he very much enjoys being able to host his book clubs with ND and Linkle standing guard.

Adell also wants to join. But only because he wants to learn how to read. Being illiterate all of his life.

Haven’t seen Lulu in a while. Does that side of him not come out as often anymore? Has he been so content with everything right now (and ND?) that he hasn’t noticed/felt that way in a while? Would be kinda cute if he’s grown away from it in a way, though I’ll miss the lewd boi :P

Lucian showed ND Lulu as a means of sleeping together one night. He really wanted ND to give into the sensual charms of Lulu, but ND was actually incredibly turned off by the quiet sensitive boy he knew becoming a pushy, aggressive mistress, complete with his mom’s magical whip. ND doesn’t mind when he used to pleasure Rin, but he likes Lucian for who HE is, not for who his MOTHER is.


The two ended up doing nothing but talking and sharing candy all night in a slumber party instead. Lucian was originally glum because he didn’t get to show off his other side to ND. But ND wasn’t particularly interested in Lulu in the first place.

Greetings and Happy Halloween my little creepers. Vogtilda was waiting till dawn of night, to grant you all this Halloween sight! Together my friends made a spooky collaboration, hopefully you enjoy this joint sensation! Ehehehehe!


But seriously, I wanted to keep this a deep dark secret, but me and my friends on my Discord server made a large collaboration for Halloween! We are really excited to come together for a parody of a certain creeping sitcom from the 60′s… Ehehe… And since all of my followers didn’t see much of Rin is month, here is a super important appearance as the busty Morticia! 

OC Vanil drawn by @wholewheatjamart

OC Shelby drawn by @thetruedoonkay

OC Cain drawn by @thekingdomofkazz

OC Neko drawn by @rastacakez

OC Mr. Cabray belongs to Yolcatl, follow him on deviantART and Pixiv!

Have a happy healthy, and most of all SCARY Halloween and Vogtilda hopes to see all of your dastardly faces next year for more scartastic fun!!!


-Vogtilda the ever-spoopy Witch