Ankura was incredibly thankful for Rin reviving his two handmaidens… in fact, he even let some of her servants play with them as well. Kara in particular was able to entertain Kamyra by exercising her herculean strength of her species. Kara was able to support Kamyra’s entire body weight with a single finger in her; the split was just Kara getting cocky.  Mila found comfort in hugging Kamyl tightly and simply appreciating a frame large and wide, not much different to her own mistress (which might explain the obsession and hugging).  Ankura and Rin themselves enjoyed each other at around midday, with the two finally bonding together.

I kinda like Rin as a pairing with Ankura more than I do with Adell. Kinda like they treat each other as equals and respect each other’s royalty, especially with how they address each other.

Ankura invites Rin and the family to his summer retreat, something he was working on for the entire year. Rin was generous enough to revive his two handmaidens which he has been enjoying the presence of quite explicitly.

Hey, not only is this a vehicle to draw Ankura again, it’s also a great segue into drawing summer versions of the Aensland Estate characters!