Ask Jasper Vol. 8

A continuation of Jasper with short hair with an array of different subjects that she was asked about.  This was actually around the time where I started getting more comfortable drawing dog/cat Jasper.  Also, this set includes my personal favorite drawing, Jasper trying on Pearl’s clothes. I can’t help it, it just looks so SASSY!

Ask Jasper Vol. 6

The sixth hi-res collection of Ask Jasper drawings that I’ve done for tumblr over the past several months.  This is around the time when I really started playing around with Gaussian Blur over lineart. I’m pretty sure the haircut is coming up soon…

Ask Jasper Vol. 5

The first 50 Jasper drawings from the series, done! Hi-res! Here! I’m pretty sure we’re getting close to Jasper cutting her hair, but who knows at this point. I’ve lost count months ago.

Anyway, have another batch of everyone’s favorite burly cheetopuff!