I think guy meant that lucian sometimes shops in gardes shop and gardevoir gives him some sweets while hes there but Lucian is such a nice boy i think he also helps a little by bringing some ingredients enchanted by rin to the shop

Rin and Irova have a pretty healthy working relationship, Rin and her expertise in alchemy gives Irova’s potion shop big business. Although she lives in the same region as who Rin calls, “that wretched little simple minded caveman” Drevio, Rin allows Lucian to travel to Nulmere to exchange his mother’s goods. Irova gives Lucian a basket of sour candies to enjoy with his mother and sister back home. Her sour taffy is one of Lucian’s favorites and sometimes, he can’t help himself eating half the basket before getting home.

Oh my that’s cute i love it :D

Lucian is such a sweetheart to everybody he talks to. Thankfully, Rin lets her son go on extended travels down south to Nulmere to help Irova and her potion shop. Linkle accompanies him and will sometimes spend a few gold pieces on one of Irova’s body washes and lotions. Linkle’s favorite being the Persim Berry extracts.

So wich slaves are allowed to go out for like errands or a walk. i could imagine rin has a magic seal on them something like a collar but as a mark on the skin

Rin only allows anyone above the average resident outside the surrounding forests unless she’s accompanying them. None are physically restrained with a special collar besides say Yolene and Rokzi. Kara and others of her rank are allowed to traverse with Rin’s children into the market town. Of course, tenants like Sajhru and Ankura have not restraints, being friends of Rin’s but not subservient to her.

How about once a month theres a big activity event in the estate like a big picnic or playing sports and once a week they do small things like baking, mixing drinks or a book club etc. They coul aslo do it whenever someone suggests a activity

That’s a really cute idea that sounds fun! Rin has become more of a matriarch since she set Morrigan free, so she’d definitely throw a special monthly event. Lucian would be in charge of the book club, reading as much as he likes while teaching some of the less book savvy some vocabulary. Beatrix loves sports and physical activity, it makes sense that she’d host a big kickball game! Kori enjoys having the other slaves help her bake in the kitchen, especially because her large bosoms can be a bit of a hassle about the kitchen.

I enjoy that idea a lot! Especially because new arrivals like Yolene are so shy and afraid to interact that it’ll help her get out of her shell. Hey, it might even make Hela crack a smirk….

Well undyne is a tough girl mistress rin should be able to make her obedient. Not so much that she changes here personality but rin can’t let an invader like this get loose a small prison stay should make it safe and then some probation working at the estate

Rin doesn’t like being contested for her throne or over the city it oversees. Undyne, after being a plaything would easily strike a friendship with Rokzi, bonding over how bitter they are towards, “that fat, rude nymph.”

But Rin and especially her kids brings Undyne around slowly until she likes Rin vicariously through how sweet her kids are or something? How’s that?

Mhh im not sure. At first she would try to invade the human world and rin stopped her. First she’s in the dungeon for some weeks i guess where rin has some fun. And then she’d get her role

Yeah! I see her as someone else who tries to thwart Rin and her castle, but fails in the process. Spends a little time as a play thing for the mistress, and works her way up to a common maid, someone who’d be below the currently absentee headmaid position. Not quite an onahole for Rin but still someone who reluctantly serves her, eventually diving headlong into your proposed personality for her! That’s sounding interesting now!