Her first set of Valentines wishes, anon wanted to serve Rin some Valentine’s chocolate while dressed in women’s clothing (a preferred kink of Rin’s being dolling up her male servants). She even got a special outfit done for her and her son to enjoy around the manor for the special day.

I’m having some fun changing up the anons to be different species besides grey faces (at least for Aensland Estate) just to keep myself a little entertained.

Whenever Rin is faced with someone whom appears to be stronger of at least more brooding than her, she melts into trying to seduce them with her wares.  She’s actually incredibly attracted to Ghost Rider and will try anything and everything to win him over. GR himself, is pretty oblivious to her romance and doesn’t even know if he wants to judge her for her crimes or not.

I’m slowly starting to like this pairing…