Peridot from Steven universe, Pidge from voltron: legendary defender and bee from the bee and puppycat pilot. It’s strange I know

A reference to this meme I posted!

Ahhh! Anon you’re so right! 

I can see myself as being a bit of Bee in the sense that I do impulse things a lot and I least TRY to be nice to people. I like to eat. I like to eat a LOT! So that is def a part of Bee that I can gel with. And (DOUBLE AHH!) I love Bee and Puppycat I used to read it in college! 


Of course, Peridot too. I’m a little gremlin on the interwebs and whenever I see mems I get really weird and twitchy. If I were to describe my meme self in one picture it would be that bit where Peridot is dancing with the frog in the desert. Haha!


Pidge was a good choice too! I kinda look like Pidge so that’s a plus, lol! I’m only snarky like Pidge whenever I get a mean troll on here.  Because like. I think most of my followers who’ve been with me for a least a year know by now. Like.


I can go from 1 to bitch in like 30 seconds.

If you like SU you might like Ok Ko!


Oh no, I’m way ahead of you, hon! I’ve watched a few episodes of OK KO Let’s Be Heroes during some long train rides, and I actually had fun watching the episodes!  The characters are definitely more over-the-top and fun compared to Steven Universe.  I’m a big fan of some of the character designs on the show maybe I’ll draw one sometime too as well as the animation itself, it’s all pretty great! So, I’d give it a thumbs up!


What do you think of Gwyndolyn from Dark Souls?

I think i’ve made it clear at this point that I lean towards making OCs that treat gender lines like stretched gum. I like Gwyndolin’s and his thematics as a character, both in origins and design! I don’t quite remember the actual boss fight, because it’s been a while, but I do remember it being pretty good. Also, i’m a sucker for antagonistic figures in all white attire, Gwyndolin’s design is like a combination of Satsuki, Griffith and Princess Hilda!

…With one of those funky Angemon “helmet over the eyes but still can see” things…

You like wrestling? Me too!

Oh yeah! I’ve been a huge wrestling fan since I was a kid! My parents had satellite, so we’d watch WCW Monday Nitro every Monday after homework was done! I’ve been into wrestling up to this day! Of course… I’m not nearly as interested as I was back then because, well… the current product isn’t very good…

But yeah! I love wrestling a lot!!!

What’s your favorite kind of music or favorite musician?

I’m such a freaking hipster in the sense that I love bands like The Strokes, Challenger and The Walkmen. I’m also a HUGE fan of Second Invasion rock bands like Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys.

But I’m also into hip hop and rap, especially Wu Tang Clan and Isiah Rashad. That was mostly through my friends in college introducing me to the genre through later Beastie Boys.

And then I even have stuff from my edgy emo high school days like Amelia Premiere and Misery Signals which I still like listening to as well.

I’m a bit of a music nerd…