Well undyne is a tough girl mistress rin should be able to make her obedient. Not so much that she changes here personality but rin can’t let an invader like this get loose a small prison stay should make it safe and then some probation working at the estate

Rin doesn’t like being contested for her throne or over the city it oversees. Undyne, after being a plaything would easily strike a friendship with Rokzi, bonding over how bitter they are towards, “that fat, rude nymph.”

But Rin and especially her kids brings Undyne around slowly until she likes Rin vicariously through how sweet her kids are or something? How’s that?

Mhh im not sure. At first she would try to invade the human world and rin stopped her. First she’s in the dungeon for some weeks i guess where rin has some fun. And then she’d get her role

Yeah! I see her as someone else who tries to thwart Rin and her castle, but fails in the process. Spends a little time as a play thing for the mistress, and works her way up to a common maid, someone who’d be below the currently absentee headmaid position. Not quite an onahole for Rin but still someone who reluctantly serves her, eventually diving headlong into your proposed personality for her! That’s sounding interesting now!

Can you do undyne from undertail? She’s the royal guards leader .Some kid went to the underworld and killed their king to get out. Now she has sworn revenge to humanity and tries to invade us. She’s a power above all character believes in power,passion and honesty acts really tough but i think you can get to her core ;)

Hmmm? Are you um… pitching Undyne as a character for one of my AUs? Because I like the idea and I’ve played through Undertale (non pacifist run), but my question is where do you want her to fit into the world (I’m assuming Aensland Estate because that’s where you’ve shown the most investment)?

-Serving Rin/Talim/Kyo/Drevio?
-As a bodyguard of Rin’s like Phasma ans Linkle?
-An attendant for princess Kylaika?
-A shopkeep in one of the market cities like Irova?
-A friend of Lilith?

What I mean is, where do you see her partaking and how do you see her being explored? I like the concept but I need more before throwing her in.

Loooove cinnamon raisin bread!! Does it have icing on it? We get ours from this local Amish store and it’s sooo good! Regardless, glad everything’s turning out nicely for you β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈ

Thank you! It’s store bright brand, the Pepperidge Farm stuff, but I sometimes have it with apricot jelly in the morning. That plus bacon and eggs after a workout? That’s good stuff…πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

And me too! I try to be as sunny as I can when I’m on my blog, so when I do feel kinda gloomy, I’d rather not go into those kinds of bad places, yah know?

Anywho, thank you for the kind message!


*gives you a big hug* I hope all that stuff resolves quickly and I hope your pantry is easily fixed, take care ya beautiful creature :3

Thank you, thank you for the lovely support! You guys don’t know how much the kind words mean to me!! Everything has been resolved for the most part, especially my irl stuff… my pantry shelf is fixed, so now I can put my cinnamon raisin bread back in it! πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

I’m feeling much better this week, everybody! And thanks for the big hug, HMG!

To everyone who sent me words of encouragement and asked about me last week, thanks so so much! πŸ’–πŸ’–


Do you ever ‘enjoy’ your own stuff? Like, your lewd stuff. As you make it or once you’re finished the piece.

Hmmm… Not really, but not like I’m not… erm “excited” about what I draw? But I’ve never done that to it, there’s like a fear of narcissism that blocks that out for me to do it. Also, I’m too busy making angry claw fingers, because of anatomy rage with my free hand, I usually can’t occupy it with anything else. Let alone my hardware, lol.