Cloud and Morrigan have been happily living in a forest cottage outside of Wimbourne for a few months now. They have been able to start a new life together, catching fish, dining and bonding at night.  While they don’t have a lot of money to their names, and only have a modest home, they don’t have much in the way of wealth. Instead, they enjoy the little they have and their company greatly.  Lucian and Priscilla sometimes come to visit the couple at their cottage during the weekends and Lucian gives gifts and treats to the couple, lovingly.  Rin doesn’t visit the couple herself, but is pretty happy sending her children to check up on them when they can, knowing how much they cared for their “mommy”.  Now that they are together so much, Morrigan has shifted from being a downtrodden plaything to a meek, but loving partner, Cloud, being more than happy to serve Morrigan and treat her as a proper lady.  Morrigan’s affection for her lover has even gotten to the point where she’s willing to talk about having her own kids with Ms. Strife.  But, Cloud is happy to kid that down the road for a little while longer…

OOF! Finally! I know the backgrounds are a little sparse, but I’m completely exhausted from drawing this set! I felt like they needed a proper send-off though. Especially because this was the pairing that fans of the AU were pushing for since the beginning! I hope you guys like it!

What do you think of Gwyndolyn from Dark Souls?

I think i’ve made it clear at this point that I lean towards making OCs that treat gender lines like stretched gum. I like Gwyndolin’s and his thematics as a character, both in origins and design! I don’t quite remember the actual boss fight, because it’s been a while, but I do remember it being pretty good. Also, i’m a sucker for antagonistic figures in all white attire, Gwyndolin’s design is like a combination of Satsuki, Griffith and Princess Hilda!

…With one of those funky Angemon “helmet over the eyes but still can see” things…

You like wrestling? Me too!

Oh yeah! I’ve been a huge wrestling fan since I was a kid! My parents had satellite, so we’d watch WCW Monday Nitro every Monday after homework was done! I’ve been into wrestling up to this day! Of course… I’m not nearly as interested as I was back then because, well… the current product isn’t very good…

But yeah! I love wrestling a lot!!!

What’s your favorite kind of music or favorite musician?

I’m such a freaking hipster in the sense that I love bands like The Strokes, Challenger and The Walkmen. I’m also a HUGE fan of Second Invasion rock bands like Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys.

But I’m also into hip hop and rap, especially Wu Tang Clan and Isiah Rashad. That was mostly through my friends in college introducing me to the genre through later Beastie Boys.

And then I even have stuff from my edgy emo high school days like Amelia Premiere and Misery Signals which I still like listening to as well.

I’m a bit of a music nerd…

So um, with the batman au, who, out of everyone, is the most likely to dominate a lady in the bedroom? >///>

Phillis is easily the one character who would be all over a woman in the bedroom. She has a particular disdain for female petty thieves and criminals. Particularly punishing them with a set of bola and her other equipment.

She has quite a fascination with a certain petty thief who she’s had her eye on for a long time.


To the point where Phillis took her home with her and continued to do things with her.


She has a bit of a fixation on that same thief, even spanning back  from months before her extended encounter with her… Phillis has done so much with her that she can spot her easily in the dead of the Gotham night.


But Phillis also uses Bruce’s money, resources, and rolodex of high-end escorts to also have her way with women of the night if she’s feeling particularly sexually frustrated at the time.


There’s even a rumor that the old Catwoman has a bit of a thing for the new Catwoman… particularly with how large and round she is.