Stream Sketch #38: Rera Twerks

This was a concept I had sitting on the back burner for some time now. I wanted to draw Rera from Samurai Showdown well.. shaking her rear because I always thought she was the bad side of Nakoruru. Also, since I already have a front twerk, why not add a back twerk so I can be a meme.

Stream Sketch to-do-list:

Stream Sketch #36: Haruka Tenoh (The first raffle result last time)

Stream Sketch #39/Anyone after: Nakoruru regrettably twerking

This question was directed to Pam when it was first asked in response to the shower picture.  This works here too though, because it lets me segue into Ms. Quinn and Pam playing with a new ether that adapts Pam’s plants to a corresponding season. Based on what season it is, his hair and outfit change as well.

Similar to Jasper’s hair length, you can reference Pam’s seasonal outfits by mentioning the Adapter Ether in the message.

Also he secrets sap from his butt.

Because science.

Stream Sketch #35: Fem Hakan

I wanted to follow up one of the suggestions I got on Discord after the Fem Alex sketch that I did a couple of weeks ago with another Fem version of a burly dude. This time it’s a sketch of female Hakan! I love her hair so much! I just want to put her and Alex in cute idol girl outfits! X3

Done in conjunction with the WRASSLESTREAM!

Swiggity swoody, Dean’s perched for the booty.


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Pam like to pay a game with Ms. Quinn’s thugs called “Belle Reve Roulette” wherein he gives each of the men a number from 1 to 12. He then rolls two die and whoever’s number it lands on gets a chances to do anal with him. Ms. Quinn usually tags along to make sure Pam isn’t playing the game all night, because that wastes her manpower.  Also Pam really like Mexican food.

I just had to add a strange bit to his development there, by throwing in his favorite food: quesadillas.


I got another ask for an assjob again after the Marceline post. And I thought I’d do another with a character who I also haven’t drawn in a few months. I’m playing it safe by expanding on the Mum version’s character:


She gets a bit frisky with an Aqua grunt while being out and about, with her better half being none the wiser. Hope everyone likes some more plump butt rubbing.

If you want to see the set of mums from the series they’re here and here.