Idea of andro Joker makes me sorta picture that one character from Hunter x Hunter (no clue who they are but they’re like purple I think, I know nothing of the series lol). And also JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for some odd reason. Regardless, think andro Joker would be pretty damn fantastic the more I think about it.

Andro Joker just works too well for me… especially to be opposite of a female batman struggling with male genitalia. They would DEFINITELY mess with Phillis’s head!

Those Watson twins are really cute could we see more of them? Please

OMIGOD! Yes! More Batman AU asks! AND the Watson twins!!!

Judy and Jody work out together, especially when it comes to martial arts.  Phillis prefers they spar each other just so that they can have a better understanding of their own capabilities. Judy, of course loves getting in as much fighting practice as she can, while Jody would rather skip rope or do his one mile sprint to avoid fighting his twin.


It’s because she usually makes him tap within five minutes.



Full Resolution    (Updated)

Okay so this is my variation on a commission I completed this morning (The  commissioner requested that I kept their version private, so I did my my own to release publicly. The main differences being, Aqua’s ass size, and the jokes/extra panels are removed from their version.

Now a long list of mentions. The ref I was given for this image was a render by  @vekkte Whom I asked permission to mention them in this post beforehand.


Next, a few of the character on the side panels are ocs of some hentai Artists.  @fvatrtnyuh09 @lorisorsfm @queen-anura @vogolsart @wholewheatjamart And a zone tan Cosplayer sitting next to Zone-tan

Pam makes a cameo in the lower left corner and he’s just being Pam, jilling off to something sexy. Lol~

Hey, Boss! How pam been doing since he found himself a new boyfriend in the clink? They hook up?

Pam only spent a few weeks in prison after intentionally getting himself arrested. But, when he found the sensitive man, he couldn’t bring himself to offer himself immediately. Instead, he asked the inmate just to cuddle him for hours on end. It was comforting for him.

Have you ever thought of adding anything Joker related to the Batman au? Don’t have really any ideas yet. Just more curious than anything. That said though, I do love the concept of Flashpoint Joker (Martha Wayne gone insane from Bruce’s death) and think perhaps she could be the Joker added (if you were to add Mr/Mrs. J in any way)

I’ve thought about adding Joker into the Batman AU, especially because that would be the next logical step. In terms of who or what the joker will be I actually am debating whether I want to even make Joker either male or female. But from how much I flip characters identities in other instances like Poison Ivy himself, there are quite a few options!