Dinah and Phillis play with Bolas

Dinah and Phillis have been spending the last few months since New Years trying new positions together in between Phillis’s duties as Batman. Phillis is trying her best to keep Dinah off of the streets as much as possible so instead of having her spend nights on the streets, Dinah instead lays her head at the post of the master bedroom. The two have found new interesting ways to spice up their sex and it mostly comes from Phillis’s equipment being introduced. While the Batarang, grapnel and other gear is far too violent to be comfortably used, Phillis’s bolas worked great for her wrangling criminals and thieves so why not try it on each other? Phillis has a secret bondage fetish and was SUPER turned on by the bolas.

She likes the fantasy of being tied up and rode cowgirl style. Especially whenever she tries to use her massively impressive muscles to wrestle out of her bolas. At least that proves that they’re effective tools.

Idea of andro Joker makes me sorta picture that one character from Hunter x Hunter (no clue who they are but they’re like purple I think, I know nothing of the series lol). And also JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for some odd reason. Regardless, think andro Joker would be pretty damn fantastic the more I think about it.

Andro Joker just works too well for me… especially to be opposite of a female batman struggling with male genitalia. They would DEFINITELY mess with Phillis’s head!

Those Watson twins are really cute could we see more of them? Please

OMIGOD! Yes! More Batman AU asks! AND the Watson twins!!!

Judy and Jody work out together, especially when it comes to martial arts.  Phillis prefers they spar each other just so that they can have a better understanding of their own capabilities. Judy, of course loves getting in as much fighting practice as she can, while Jody would rather skip rope or do his one mile sprint to avoid fighting his twin.


It’s because she usually makes him tap within five minutes.


Hey, Boss! How pam been doing since he found himself a new boyfriend in the clink? They hook up?


Pam only spent a few weeks in prison after intentionally getting himself arrested. But, when he found the sensitive man, he couldn’t bring himself to offer himself immediately. Instead, he asked the inmate just to cuddle him for hours on end. It was comforting for him.

Have you ever thought of adding anything Joker related to the Batman au? Don’t have really any ideas yet. Just more curious than anything. That said though, I do love the concept of Flashpoint Joker (Martha Wayne gone insane from Bruce’s death) and think perhaps she could be the Joker added (if you were to add Mr/Mrs. J in any way)

I’ve thought about adding Joker into the Batman AU, especially because that would be the next logical step. In terms of who or what the joker will be I actually am debating whether I want to even make Joker either male or female. But from how much I flip characters identities in other instances like Poison Ivy himself, there are quite a few options!

Is there a Batgirl or Gordon (Babs or Jim, both?) in the Batman au? Or any other female ‘Bat-family’ members from the DCU? Like Spoiler/Steph Brown, Cassandra, Bluebird, Huntress and so on. Like 99% sure I asked this a while back but can’t remember so sorry if this is a repeat.

If there is a Gordon I’d have to go back to the drawing board and really plan that out. Sure the Gotham PD exists, but they’re rather incompetent in criminal investigations. I like the idea of including some Batgirl, especially because of the inclusion of Robin! Especially with characters like Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, if I introduce them it’ll probably be after I finish drawing the arc with Pam and his stepmoms.

Possibly making Barb the commissioner like in Batman Beyond and mixing Steph as Hunteress putting a playful and frivolous character under a usually mature and goal oriented helm.

the most pressing and important of all lore questions; does jody dress the way he does ’cause he enjoys it, or is the new batman dress code all about heels? (and i guess ‘have the watson twins ever fooled around with batman’ >>;; )

Well it’s not quite because of the dress code, because both Judy AND Phillis wear steel-toed boots in their outfits. Jody likes to wear stylish heels because how light they are on his feet compared to Judy and Phillis who both have bulky metal strapped into their legs. Jody is the fastest of the three because of his heels.

Judy and Jody both played with the idea of fooling around with Phillis, and she’s caught herself gazing under Judy’s skirt when she does handsprings and Jody’s rear when he’s investigating a crime scene. The Robin Twins know that if they both ganged up on a late night, horny Batman, she wouldn’t be able to control her urges.

So um, with the batman au, who, out of everyone, is the most likely to dominate a lady in the bedroom? >///>

Phillis is easily the one character who would be all over a woman in the bedroom. She has a particular disdain for female petty thieves and criminals. Particularly punishing them with a set of bola and her other equipment.

She has quite a fascination with a certain petty thief who she’s had her eye on for a long time.


To the point where Phillis took her home with her and continued to do things with her.


She has a bit of a fixation on that same thief, even spanning back  from months before her extended encounter with her… Phillis has done so much with her that she can spot her easily in the dead of the Gotham night.


But Phillis also uses Bruce’s money, resources, and rolodex of high-end escorts to also have her way with women of the night if she’s feeling particularly sexually frustrated at the time.


There’s even a rumor that the old Catwoman has a bit of a thing for the new Catwoman… particularly with how large and round she is.