A simple-bg color commission for a continuation of the recovery of Pam after his unsavory encounter with a particularly rough party-goer. After the traumatic event, Pam got himself busted for a petty shoplifting crime so he can spend some time in prison, hoping that selling himself around his usual spots would take his mind off the situation. But, he did have the usual lewd personality that would grant him so much pleasure before, now he was timid and afraid, fearing that men would take advantage of him again.  As a result, he found the graces of some of the more gentle inmates who find value in his delicate and sensitive side. 


Nothing felt cooler than getting commissioned for my universes…

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A line sketch commission by the amazing artist @lewdsona​! It’s of Rise Kujikawa from Persona Pocket Mum’d up! Because of the subject matter, I randomly decided to drop in some flat colors over the lineart! That’s the second Persona character I’ve drawn of course the first being the sadly… Former World Champion…

This was a lot of fun to do, also, getting AU-related commissions are always a blast!

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Commission: Stevonnie Tries Penetration (Warning: Contains All-the-Way-Through)

Stevonnie puts out a group DM asking for guys to break her in. She had no idea one of them would be a gem… It kinda blows my mind that Stevonnie trying penetration was something that was commissioned.  But to be fair the anon commissioner who ask for this had an entire plan for how this would play out.  

This contains so very heavy non-vanilla stuff that I’m censoring for tumblr and my other sites, if you’re interested in checking out the final part of the commission click here.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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Winter and Spring 2018 commissions!



  • I have the right to declined any commissions that I feel uncomfortable doing.
  • It’s important to be patient with me when it comes to commissions, especially when it comes to my job outside of my art blog. I will however keep in touch with you on my progress.
  • You must be able to pay 100% upfront.
  • I am willing to draw: Anime/Manga/Semi-realism style, Chibi, animals, suggestive content (ecchi level), nudity, fanart, or original characters.
  • I am not willing to draw :Hardcore Porn (Hentai), abuse, guro, photorealism, mecha, real life people, questionable fetish (i.e diaper fetish, inflation, etc).
  • You MUST be 18+ in order to get nudity or suggestive content (ecchi) commissions. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • When requesting a commission drawing, please give me deep details on what you want. If any original characters or copyrighted characters is involved, you must provide me aclear reference.
  • I will also send you a WIP sketch to you in case if you need me to make any adjustments.

I want a commission from you. Now what?

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Commission Form Sheet (Please send it through submit)

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*What I mean is if you’re uncomfortable for me to post your commissioned piece  on my page, then I will just email the finished piece to you. This is useful, especially when it comes to canon character x oc pieces*