My half of the art trade with @wholewheatjamart! I chose to draw his elf princess gal, Fi! I drew her doing some facesitting while spouting about her greatness, which is probably pretty on-brand. I also did another drawing, like wholewheat, with her interacting with my OC’s.  And honestly, after having some chocolate, and lados with Kyo and Talim, I imagine they would start talking about how fabulous they all are and have a good ol’ oujo laugh party.


Did an Art trade with an awesome artist @vogolsart i think it came out pretty alright 😀 This is of their queen of succubutts character Rin Aensland she’s showing a young up and coming succubi a few tips. and here’s some fala! Since she doesn’t get enough love.. i think i figured out what i’m going to do with her now though! >:D

Cloud would like to keep that a secret from Rin as much as possible.  Cloud is one is one of Rin’s first servants (who came willingly no-less) and Rin holds her to high regard.  Cloud has a great amount of respect for her mistress but wants to help a battered and damaged Morrigan in her void of a situation.


The recruit trio (Jill, Leona and Cammy have lunch out in the airfield with Leona bringing her daily lunch a stem of celery and a bag of baby carrots.  Since isn’t much of an exercise enthusiast, she tries to cut down her weight by dieting.  Jill likes to play health guru with her and tries to get Leona to go to the gym every once.  Cammy, the partier she is, usually just drinks during lunch time, only occasionally packing a bag of chips to go with her beer.

And yes, Jill is a huge comic book fan.  

Honestly, I really like drawing these three. They have a very cute chemistry.

Planning on connecting the Pocket Mums AU and the Regiment 803 AU

I’m looking to condense my universes so that they connect more.  While Rin’s AU, Jasper’s AU and the Batman AU are still loose and not related in anyway past Rin opening a portal, I am working on linking Pocket Mums and Regiment 803 just so I’m personally not as confused. Since I now have the fashion company, Amie-Girl, which Dawn works for I could start filling out the employment roster.  In order to connect Reg 803 and Pocket Mums, Sherry Birkin works for Amie Girl as their new plus size model (blah-blah weight gain, blah-bah because vogol).  Sherry and Jill’s final mission together catapulted Sherry into a realm of celebrity using her experiences to score a few minor zombie-horror movie appearances and a one season talk show. Circulating her face on screen more than Jill in the aftermath of the mission, living cushy and relaxed, Sherry decided to turn to modeling when her movie career hit an early wall and she grew lazy of the constant physical exertion that came with acting. Sherry usually see herself as having influence, so her demeanor is usually positive and outgoing. She may occasionally tease “Old Lady Jill” for not also capitalizing on her similar press coverage, but her heart’s in a good place.


How does that sound, everybody? Yay or nah?

It’s rather rare that Talim receives any Q’s from the audience, but while I was answering this one, I thought I’d give Lilith a bit of a redesign as well. I wanted to give her a doll-like appearance to separate her from Rin’s dominatrix-type outfit, especially because Lilith’s first design was pretty similar to Rin’s. 

Introducing a new character!

I’ve received a few 2B questions and after writing the Q I did for @tbdlewds, I deided to add her into the Pocket Mums AU. Dawn isn’t just a salarywoman, she works as an accountant for the large scale women’s fashion company, Amiegirl.  2B (nicknamed “Bee-Bee) works as the top model of the company’s clothing line.  Because of her robotic background, she’s relatively easy to work with but she’s unknowingly dickish because of her lack of understanding human elements.


Yagami explains why she slept with the bartender’s daughter Tanya.  Tanya is quite a flirt who likes show off her wares to patrons.  Much of her personality caused Yagami to gravitate towards her on the night of the affair.  Now that Yagami is not the confident man she was before but instead a dawdling, pale witch, Tanya can can’t recognize the man fro the fling anymore…