I thought I’d answer two asks in a row by just doubling up on some content for the thick boi Sahru. Since coming back to the estate from vacation, Rin gave Sahru some casual wear for when he is not chaperoning and on guard. In the new wardrobe, there was a set of high heels. Since he’s used to wearing boots on patrol he had a very hard time adjusting to the new outfit. As a result, he asked Adell for help, since Sahru is afraid to ask the only other prominent male in heels, Lucian, nor his recent love interest, ND.  Adell agrees to help Sahru, giving him a chance to come out of his shell a bit and hang around a cuddly stud in Rin’s top bodyguard.

Experimental pairing with this one.

Ankura invites Rin and the family to his summer retreat, something he was working on for the entire year. Rin was generous enough to revive his two handmaidens which he has been enjoying the presence of quite explicitly.

Hey, not only is this a vehicle to draw Ankura again, it’s also a great segue into drawing summer versions of the Aensland Estate characters!

Oh boy, looks like a following is beginning to form for Ankura now. Does this mean we’ll get to see more of him doing things in the future now? Also, what ever happened to that one anon who pledged their loyalty to him. (Probably enjoying themselves no doubt lol.)

Ankura is gaining some attention as a character, kinda like what happened to Sahru so, yes! You start seeing some more Ankura in the future… that sexy looking old man.  In fact Ankura has received quite a few asks recently so he’s getting a little more popular.  And in terms of that female anon who pledged loyalty to him…?


She’s having a blast.


If I remember reading this correctly a while back, Ankura (Your Foxxy Grandpa Pharaoh lol) has large nipples for a male correct? Is it safe to assume that they’re super sensitive to touch and taste? Perhaps a weakspot for the former Pharaoh (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ankura is very sensitive when his nipples are touched and tasted,  He’s used to men and women playing with them at the beginning of the night from the hundreds of people he’s been with.  In fact, when he was Pharaoh long ago, his nipples were something of legend amongst those who have graced his private chambers.  For a male they were pretty oversized, so much so that Ankura’s father would insist that his son cover them as much as possible.  Even a tiny draft would make Ankura tingle if they’re bare.


Oh yes Ankura’s a Foxxxy Grandpa.  That’s a fine lookin’ oldster.