I received an ask a few months ago regarding Lucian starting a book club.  I’ve since deleted the ask, but I still felt like it would be a fun concept for Lucian to have a little book club with a few of his friends he has made in the town marketplace in Wimbourne. Genga is a Nulmere halfling with supposed ghost properties. Her mother and father moved to Wimbourne when she was little girl and has had a pretty comfortable life since. Diandra is a studious Gerudo, her two older sisters being prominent witches and spell casters, she has an interest in books and literature that rivals Lucian!

Tanya (who I’m glad to bring back) has a section of her pub devoted to the studying of the book club and will even bring the non-alcoholic beverages like milkshakes and root beer to enjoy while they discuss the week’s material. Rin lets Lucian make friends in town and he very much enjoys being able to host his book clubs with ND and Linkle standing guard.

Adell also wants to join. But only because he wants to learn how to read. Being illiterate all of his life.

I thought I’d answer two asks in a row by just doubling up on some content for the thick boi Sahru. Since coming back to the estate from vacation, Rin gave Sahru some casual wear for when he is not chaperoning and on guard. In the new wardrobe, there was a set of high heels. Since he’s used to wearing boots on patrol he had a very hard time adjusting to the new outfit. As a result, he asked Adell for help, since Sahru is afraid to ask the only other prominent male in heels, Lucian, nor his recent love interest, ND.  Adell agrees to help Sahru, giving him a chance to come out of his shell a bit and hang around a cuddly stud in Rin’s top bodyguard.

Experimental pairing with this one.

How does Lucian treat fefe. Do the other just pet her when they see her. Is one slave like horny steps out the door and calls fefe like come here girl. Is there a slave who give her a bowl of food like “hey have you fed fefe yet” “no, ill do it fefe come here”

Beatrix is usually the one who plays with Fefe more than the others, but she even treats Fefe as part-pet and part-friend.  While Lucian was having his romantic date with ND, Beatrix went on an adventure as Beatrix the Explorer with Fefe, playing across the Bolarian coast.  Beatrix tried to get Fefe to go on some deep sea expeditions with her, but she had no idea that cats are afraid of water! (LOL!)


The two are such good buddies even Ed was a little jealous.


Cloud and Morrigan have been happily living in a forest cottage outside of Wimbourne for a few months now. They have been able to start a new life together, catching fish, dining and bonding at night.  While they don’t have a lot of money to their names, and only have a modest home, they don’t have much in the way of wealth. Instead, they enjoy the little they have and their company greatly.  Lucian and Priscilla sometimes come to visit the couple at their cottage during the weekends and Lucian gives gifts and treats to the couple, lovingly.  Rin doesn’t visit the couple herself, but is pretty happy sending her children to check up on them when they can, knowing how much they cared for their “mommy”.  Now that they are together so much, Morrigan has shifted from being a downtrodden plaything to a meek, but loving partner, Cloud, being more than happy to serve Morrigan and treat her as a proper lady.  Morrigan’s affection for her lover has even gotten to the point where she’s willing to talk about having her own kids with Ms. Strife.  But, Cloud is happy to kid that down the road for a little while longer…

OOF! Finally! I know the backgrounds are a little sparse, but I’m completely exhausted from drawing this set! I felt like they needed a proper send-off though. Especially because this was the pairing that fans of the AU were pushing for since the beginning! I hope you guys like it!

I feel like pam needs a guy who’ll treat him nicely, who won’t try to break his ass.

IMGUR for reading the dialogue.


Pam changed completely after he had rough hate-sex with the angry club patron. It was painful for him to go through and those usual feelings of abandonment that follow him after his escapades felt extra harsh for him. As a result him, Harley and Selina took a break from robbing banks and causing mischief around Gotham so that they can comfort Pam and possibly help him find true love somewhere. 

Also, Pam’s real name is Palmer Isley.


Ms. Quinn: Are ya sure ya okay Izzy…? Dontcha wanna talk to us a bit more? Its okay tah open up tah us… Selina and me don’t like seeing ya down…


i…i just… i don’t know if i wanna… if i wanna go out… clubbing…bank robbing…anything i don’t like sex anymore.. what that…man did in the bathroom it hurt… and…sniff i don’t….i don’t like being thrown away after…g…guys have their way with me…


Harley is right, palmer. you’re like a little brother to us. what you need to find
is something that’ll make you smile all of the time, you need a man who
loves you for you…not your body, baby.

Finally, finished Beatrix! It took a while but this was the primary project of the weekend. Getting these primary three intro sketches done.

Beatrix Marcia Aensland was created by a combination of spells and dark arts by Rin and is comprised of extracts of the house cat Fefe, Sareena and Rokzi.   Rin has the innate ability to trace the essence of people’s appearances and characteristics through the portals that Kara introduced her to.   In wanted to have a girl really badly after she spent some months with Lucian, while she loves her son dearly, she always felt like he was sometimes too delicate and gentle, especially seeing his sickly pale complexion.  Beatrix is a succubus with features of a kitsune (primarily stemming from Fefe’s animal genes), sporting a large fluffy tail and fox ears along with the thin head and body wings that are customary to Aensland blood. 

 She’s packed with energy often, running from place to place around the manor, and speaking quickly and often.  Her playful personality lightens up others, especially when she plays hide and seek, popping out to surprise people throughout the day.  The way Lucian is always carrying loads of books, Beatrix does so with her rubber ball, a companion she has with her all day long. Compared to her brother she’s much more colloquial, referring to Rin as “mama” instead of Lucian’s “mother” but still referring to other formally. She spends a lot of her time outdoors with chaperones or with her brother, playing sports and making friends with wild animals, in fact, she teases Lucian regularly for being a glorified shut-in.  Beatrix calls him “little Dandelion” and when Lucian tells on her, Rin laughs it off and pats both of them. Beatrix loves playing kickball and other sports with her mom most importantly, but Rin can only go a few rounds before her conditioning catches up to her.  Either way, she loves her little girl just as much as she does her son, and enjoys having a tiny bundle of excitement to break up the mundane drudgery.

Well now I wish looked anything at all like one of your OCs so I could cosplay one. Granted any cosplay I could do would probably be extremely low effort 😂





Awww its oki! Although it would be cool and interesting seeing someone out there trying a cosplay of one of my characters just for fun!

Hey, if there’s anyone who is a cosplayer or knows one who’d do ocs, wants to take a crack at it, just let me know and I’m definitely for it! …But there’s no pressure to guys!

Actually it got me to thinking who I could cosplay. And yeah there’s pretty much not a single one of your OCs I could play. Except for Greg! Which is totally fine by me because I’ve always wanted to cosplay young Greg ever since we first saw him in the show. And that just excites me more to see your Greg 😛

Besides that though I really really REALLY hope somebody takes a shot at this! It would be so awesome seeing a cosplay of any of your OCs. I think your characters would be a lot of fun to see. Especially with their costumes. I may be biased but I’d love to see Lucian (or Lulu!) and Rin, and their costumes certainly lend to being creative with things.

I’d love to see that too, it would be pretty interesting just to see a costume even ONCE! Even something simple like Mila or a Dawn, who’s just a couple of rags and a red wig, or a Dawn cosplayer wearing glasses and a skirt suit.  OOOOOW A Lucian cosplay would be really cute especially because it would be unisex, it would work if either a guy or a girl did it! A Rin would also be really fun to see too, except finding the tall lace boots would be an issue, lol! Anyway, seeing anyone try anything would be a blessing in itself! And…I would be really, really appreciative~

But hey, I’m just functioning in “what-ifs”, ya know!

P.S. You’d probably make an amazing young Greg, bbo! Just grow out that hair and keep the chin a little scraggly!


Yes, yes, yes!!!! It would be amazing if someone picked up on any of this. A maid Cloud actually wouldn’t be too hard if someone wanted to put that together. At least I don’t think it would be that hard. Trying to think who else could be done but I’d just be listing off my favorites lol

I already have the beard down, for the most part! Now I just need to grow my hair back out again and I’ll be good to go outside of picking up some clothes xD

AAAAAH! Maid Cloud would be sooooo adorable! She doesn’t have a very decorative outfit, I think the hair would be the big obstacle for putting together a cosplay of her.  But seeing a maid Cloud being reserved and shy would be super super cute! 



I need to take a breather…

Exactly how I pictured her! Saw her wearing like a kinda faded black jacket that’s got like a various assortment of pubs in it. Something flannel underneath or like a flannel jacket she sometimes wears as well. And I bet she has like a special velvet-lined case for her harmonica. Those cases are nice and so is a good harmonica. (I like harmonicas lol)

There’s my Road Dog Rose Quartz.


She nicknamed her harmonica “Moonwhistle”.