Hey, Boss! How pam been doing since he found himself a new boyfriend in the clink? They hook up?


Pam only spent a few weeks in prison after intentionally getting himself arrested. But, when he found the sensitive man, he couldn’t bring himself to offer himself immediately. Instead, he asked the inmate just to cuddle him for hours on end. It was comforting for him.

Have you ever thought of adding anything Joker related to the Batman au? Don’t have really any ideas yet. Just more curious than anything. That said though, I do love the concept of Flashpoint Joker (Martha Wayne gone insane from Bruce’s death) and think perhaps she could be the Joker added (if you were to add Mr/Mrs. J in any way)

I’ve thought about adding Joker into the Batman AU, especially because that would be the next logical step. In terms of who or what the joker will be I actually am debating whether I want to even make Joker either male or female. But from how much I flip characters identities in other instances like Poison Ivy himself, there are quite a few options!

To wrap up one loose end, Harley and Catwoman exacted revenge on the man who brutally raped Pam in the bathroom a few weeks after.  They found him on a street corner, so they overpowered him, threw him into an alley and gave him a taste of his own medicine.  Neither of them felt anything after because they felt like they were doing it to help their stepson.  

They have a pretty twisted mindset when it comes to revenge…

Is there a Batgirl or Gordon (Babs or Jim, both?) in the Batman au? Or any other female ‘Bat-family’ members from the DCU? Like Spoiler/Steph Brown, Cassandra, Bluebird, Huntress and so on. Like 99% sure I asked this a while back but can’t remember so sorry if this is a repeat.

If there is a Gordon I’d have to go back to the drawing board and really plan that out. Sure the Gotham PD exists, but they’re rather incompetent in criminal investigations. I like the idea of including some Batgirl, especially because of the inclusion of Robin! Especially with characters like Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, if I introduce them it’ll probably be after I finish drawing the arc with Pam and his stepmoms.

Possibly making Barb the commissioner like in Batman Beyond and mixing Steph as Hunteress putting a playful and frivolous character under a usually mature and goal oriented helm.

A simple-bg color commission for a continuation of the recovery of Pam after his unsavory encounter with a particularly rough party-goer. After the traumatic event, Pam got himself busted for a petty shoplifting crime so he can spend some time in prison, hoping that selling himself around his usual spots would take his mind off the situation. But, he did have the usual lewd personality that would grant him so much pleasure before, now he was timid and afraid, fearing that men would take advantage of him again.  As a result, he found the graces of some of the more gentle inmates who find value in his delicate and sensitive side. 


Nothing felt cooler than getting commissioned for my universes…

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This question was directed to Pam when it was first asked in response to the shower picture.  This works here too though, because it lets me segue into Ms. Quinn and Pam playing with a new ether that adapts Pam’s plants to a corresponding season. Based on what season it is, his hair and outfit change as well.

Similar to Jasper’s hair length, you can reference Pam’s seasonal outfits by mentioning the Adapter Ether in the message.

Also he secrets sap from his butt.

Because science.