In terms of weapons expertise, Jody is more adept at using weapons.  He prefers to have a billy club or a bow staff in hand while fighting crime.  On the other end is Judy, who likes using hand to hand combat to keep everything up close and personal while disposing bad guys.

In terms of blowjobs, Judy has much more experience than her brother.  In fact, Judy sometimes teaches Jody at home how to suck better late at night, when everyone’s asleep. Jody tries his best but he still uses mostly teeth and doesn’t really know what he’s doing down there.


I wanted to hold back on revealing the identity of my AU’s Batman until I received a question directed at my Batman. Phillis Patiencia was formerly Catwoman during her years as a petty thief (yes, this Catwoman because I have no soul). After looting the Wayne Manor she discovers the remnants of an old cavern outfitted with gadgets and tools for vigilante justice, she realized that her elusive skills as a thief could be used for good.  As the cave was long abandoned as were the suits and gadgets, she refurbished and rebuilt the compound with her own grit (as well as taking some experimental hormones that caused some swift and jarring changes to her reproductive organs).  Alfred still stalks the creaky crannies of Wayne manor and is more than alright serving Phillis as she revitalizes the cowl.

Pam teases the Bat when he sees her but finds himself turned off by this new Batman only being fixated on her mutation.

Finished the Robin Twins for the Batman AU. In this universe, The Caped Crusader hired two Robins with a family background in martial arts and personal security.  The Watson twins, Judy and Jody Watson both help Batman fight crime on the streets of Gotham:

Judy Watson: More combat proficient than her brother.  Judy likes to take charge and deal out orders to Jody.  Judy likes to have a good time but would rather separate work from play, she tries to save her fun for when she’s Judy instead of when she’s Robin.  

Jody Watson: More weapon proficient than his sister. Jody is a thrill seeker who is more interested in having a blast stopping crime than just stopping crime.  Jody can sometimes be brash and careless about situations which leads to Judy or even worse, Batman having to bail him out.


Pam like to pay a game with Ms. Quinn’s thugs called “Belle Reve Roulette” wherein he gives each of the men a number from 1 to 12. He then rolls two die and whoever’s number it lands on gets a chances to do anal with him. Ms. Quinn usually tags along to make sure Pam isn’t playing the game all night, because that wastes her manpower.  Also Pam really like Mexican food.

I just had to add a strange bit to his development there, by throwing in his favorite food: quesadillas.

Ms. Quinn explains Pam having sex with her.  She used to give Pam women to hook up with but he never enjoyed it.  After a while, Quinn offered herself to Pam out of curiosity.  Even then, Pam wasn’t very interested until Ms. Quinn made a simple pulley that thrusts an anal plug behind him while he’s having sex with her. 

She’s backed off from pushing Izzy to hook up with women ever since and and happily lets her male underlings use Pam as much as Pam likes.

Pam is gay, not bi. His mentor-in-crime(?) Ms. Quinn tries to get him to hook up with both men and women, but he’s very much fixated on men. In fact there are some instances where he would let himself get caught after a robbery to spend some time in Blackgate.