Commission: Francisca Valero

A commission for a pretty popular OC, Francisca Valero doing some exhibitionism much to the chagrin of the local townsfolk.  This was actually a pretty fun commission to do in terms of the pose and scenario. Although the background was actually pretty frustrating, despite just being a few buildings Gaussian’d out.

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Linkle is another one of Rin’s guards and is good friends with Phasma, they both serve her as Rin’s first line of protection and have to keep themselves in top shape just in case they have to defend their Mistress.  Because of that, she lets the two play with her other slaves from time to time as a “reward” for their duties.  Her favorite is Rokzi because she can’t get that glare and those scathing remarks he throws her way anytime she stops him in the halls while he’s doing ihis morning duties.