Cloud treats Morrigan very nicely.  While Rin likes to abuse her as much as possible, Cloud addresses Morrigan as “lady” and serves her like she would Rin. Whenever Mila makes a plate of food for her “child” Cloud takes it after everyone leaves the dinner table and gives it to Morrigan.  However, Morrigan sometimes lets the plate rot, not being used to eating a warm meal.  She sees it as a breach of conduct if she takes one bite.

I think these two make a cute pairing, Morrigan being new to being treated kindly and Cloud just trying to dutifully give love and affection.

In terms of weapons expertise, Jody is more adept at using weapons.  He prefers to have a billy club or a bow staff in hand while fighting crime.  On the other end is Judy, who likes using hand to hand combat to keep everything up close and personal while disposing bad guys.

In terms of blowjobs, Judy has much more experience than her brother.  In fact, Judy sometimes teaches Jody at home how to suck better late at night, when everyone’s asleep. Jody tries his best but he still uses mostly teeth and doesn’t really know what he’s doing down there.