I made this based on a goofy discord conversation where I was pitching a r63 thicc Deku as a “next big thing”, which the person I was talking to suggested “why not femboy Deku?” Which eventually turned into settling on boi Ochako as the “next big thing”, because she isn’t loved NEARLY as much as Froppy. So this mostly IS a joke I took. WAAAAY to seriously lol. 

Of course, because it’s me, Uravity has a thicc stepfrogmum/frogaunt who takes care of him. She’s nice and practically harmless. Also he does a lot of personal training with Allmight to perfect using his quirk. It’s all above board training. No scandal whatsoever.

Even in my joke posts I have to tack on some weird backstory lol

A simple-bg color commission for a continuation of the recovery of Pam after his unsavory encounter with a particularly rough party-goer. After the traumatic event, Pam got himself busted for a petty shoplifting crime so he can spend some time in prison, hoping that selling himself around his usual spots would take his mind off the situation. But, he did have the usual lewd personality that would grant him so much pleasure before, now he was timid and afraid, fearing that men would take advantage of him again.  As a result, he found the graces of some of the more gentle inmates who find value in his delicate and sensitive side. 


Nothing felt cooler than getting commissioned for my universes…

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Sorta followup: just realized demon boy kinda looks a little similar to Lucian and omg I want them to become best friends. They could even dress up as one another, maybe even tease Morrigan/others by pretending to be one another (even though they know they look too different for that to work). Or maybe they could dress up for each other (if they catch feelings for each other) and go on play dates. Oooooh, could be Lucian’s first real relationship.


Lucian and ND have been getting close since the young demon began parading dresses for Rin and his mutual entertainment. Lucian took interest after ND said that he didn’t know where his name originated from and it peeked Lucian’s curiosity. Phasma is happy for the two seeing them as a cute couple and would like nothing more but to see them bond together over Lucian’s love for reading, especially with him kicking around the idea of starting a book club for the townspeople of Wimbourne.


ND: Hello Ms. Phasma. Lucian was showing me around the library… we were looking up some information on my breed of DEmon… Would you chaperone us to the courtyard? We’re going to read together in the summer daylight!

Lucian: I…I already consoled mother… she said it’s okay for me to see ND in this capacity … b…besides…I think that he’s kind of sweet..~

Phasma: ooooo… You two look adorable together. I’d love to chaperone your playdate. Especially if Mistress Rin approves of it.

I feel like pam needs a guy who’ll treat him nicely, who won’t try to break his ass.

IMGUR for reading the dialogue.


Pam changed completely after he had rough hate-sex with the angry club patron. It was painful for him to go through and those usual feelings of abandonment that follow him after his escapades felt extra harsh for him. As a result him, Harley and Selina took a break from robbing banks and causing mischief around Gotham so that they can comfort Pam and possibly help him find true love somewhere. 

Also, Pam’s real name is Palmer Isley.


Ms. Quinn: Are ya sure ya okay Izzy…? Dontcha wanna talk to us a bit more? Its okay tah open up tah us… Selina and me don’t like seeing ya down…


i…i just… i don’t know if i wanna… if i wanna go out… clubbing…bank robbing…anything i don’t like sex anymore.. what that…man did in the bathroom it hurt… and…sniff i don’t….i don’t like being thrown away after…g…guys have their way with me…


Harley is right, palmer. you’re like a little brother to us. what you need to find
is something that’ll make you smile all of the time, you need a man who
loves you for you…not your body, baby.

An old ask where someone wanted to see a Rin x Adell pairing, because of how good of a boy Adell has been.  It’s a pretty cute pairing idea, NGL not whom I’d personally pairing together but it’s nice seeing Rin being gentle with a shy femboy compared to her usual horny aggression.