I wanted to end all of these Jacklyn drawings with some sort of plot or pairing, so Jacky ends up making a friend with a shy boy by the name of Sadako. He is shy as much as she is and sometimes speaks Japanese when he is afraid to say the words in English.  Jacky doesn’t usually get company so of course she got desperate when she runs into a trick or treater. The two seemed to have hit it off pretty well, and maybe he’ll be interested in seeing Jacky again for a date.


There ya go, a pairing for ya, and a happy ending for Jacky after Halloween month being spent mostly alone. She managed to make a new friend who likes her a lot. 💖💖💖

Greetings and Happy Halloween my little creepers. Vogtilda was waiting till dawn of night, to grant you all this Halloween sight! Together my friends made a spooky collaboration, hopefully you enjoy this joint sensation! Ehehehehe!


But seriously, I wanted to keep this a deep dark secret, but me and my friends on my Discord server made a large collaboration for Halloween! We are really excited to come together for a parody of a certain creeping sitcom from the 60′s… Ehehe… And since all of my followers didn’t see much of Rin is month, here is a super important appearance as the busty Morticia! 

OC Vanil drawn by @wholewheatjamart

OC Shelby drawn by @thetruedoonkay

OC Cain drawn by @thekingdomofkazz

OC Neko drawn by @rastacakez

OC Mr. Cabray belongs to Yolcatl, follow him on deviantART and Pixiv!

Have a happy healthy, and most of all SCARY Halloween and Vogtilda hopes to see all of your dastardly faces next year for more scartastic fun!!!


-Vogtilda the ever-spoopy Witch

Because it’s the season of spoopiness, I decided to revisit Jacklyn (Jason-chan, but call her Jacklyn, please). She didn’t want to carve up the giant pumpkins she bough just yet, so she decided to improvise a bit and make some homemade jack-o-lanterns. 

Jack-O-Lynterns if you will.

If you have any special requests of Jacklyn in iconic Halloween outfits and doing certain things in them, don’t be shy! Now would be a good time to show this shy, chubby camper some love~

-Vogtilda the Witch


Serena is pretty good, she’s more interested in flaunting her new hair dye more than she is satisfying the man. She likes to make every moment of her life a Rotogram moment or… a moment for her adult social media accounts.

Claire is not great, but she’s getting used to doing it after not giving one in many… many years… Otherwise, her sunken cheeks and mature features fo make for a solid blowjob face.

Sabrina doesn’t give blowjobs, not being interested in men (on account of her being a lesbian lol) so she instead tried some interesting Halloween activities with her girlfriend Phoebe, mostly trick or treating. Innocent stuff like that.

They’re all decked out in their Halloween costumes for the season! Ehehehehe!

-Vogtilda the Wicked Witch.


Rin and Lucian enjoyed Halloween a lot, Rin even let Lucian dress up as his favorite vampire. She encourages her son to dress up as whatever he likes for Halloween and Lucian enjoyed all of the sour candies that his mother purchased for him for the occasion. The two are very excited to celebrate Halloween next year.

Halloween is over…

I’m so glad that you guys all let me celebrate my favorite holiday with so many inbox messages asking my characters about the holiday! I had a wonderful time with all of my lovely fans! Have a wonderful November! Until next time! Stay spooky my pretties~~

-Vogtilda the Witch

Vogtilda is always waiting to cast a hex on every last one of you spoopers!