i spent way longer on this than i planned to lol but i really wanted to bring back these witch au designs with some freshening up! gaaah i love themmm ;;; 

OMG! Spoopy Jasper is soooo adorable!

So is Pearl still rocking the summer bod her and Jasper worked on? Noticed some abs on her in that ‘aftermath’ pic. Wonder if she’ll start losing that shape since autumn and winter are coming around. Personally I kinda hope she tries to stick with it.

Oh… she probably will start creeping back into her old cookie guzzling habits. But with Jasper now being concerned with Pearl’s health, I think Jas and Clara will really try to make sure that Pearly is in shape and proud of her body.

… it’s pretty interesting with this dynamic all things considered. Especially because the two roommates have had TONS of sexual tension between each other for three years. So it feels good capitalizing on it somehow.

Ask Jasper Vol. 12

Jasper playing with her personas and getting her new tattoos! It’s been a while since i’ve posted an ask comp. But since i’m working on a new character post in a new format, I thought I would fill the content void with this. ESPECIALLY because I still have quite a number of backlogged Steven Universe sketches.