The Sunday Night Wrasslestream is On Tonight!


Hey my wrassling fans! WWE’s No Mercy Pay-Per-View is happening tonight! You know what that means! @capnxero and I will be holding a simulcast stream featuring the PPV in its entirety! I’ll be streaming over in picarto and he will be streaming in!  

Because I’m doing a stream sketch for the wrassle stream, I’m doing a special wrestling themed sketch! 

Reblog this post featuring your favorite grappler from a video game/anime/irl that you’d like to see drawn in my style! 

Join us for some carefully choreographed, simulated combat, with theatrics at 8PM/EST! It’ll be beast.


Like Bork himself.

Stream Sketch #36: Haruka Tenoh

Some more buff futa stuff, I think this is the closest I’ll ever get to drawing a full-blown man, a flat-chested muscular gal.  Rei isn’t really into girls that much, but Haruka makes some trips to the gym in order to look a little bit more like a man, to win Rei over a bit…

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Mega Stream has been cancelled this week and next week

Since I’m going to be away from my streaming computer for the next two weekends (trying to send it into the shop for some tweaking), the Friday night Mega Stream has been cancelled for the next two weeks.  In lieu of the absence of the mega stream, more keen viewers have noticed that I’ve started using Whatever Wednesday slots to compensate for the lack of a Mega Stream. It’ll be back in full swing by the week of August 23rd.


Stream Sketch Raffle #1

I’m trying a new thing for the stream sketch raffle from now on so that there isn’t a gap of dead air when I’m putting the names in during my streams.   Instead, I’m going to open up the raffles a few days early and allow people to throw out names before the stream. To celebrate San Diego Comic Con and all of the awesome announcements/screenings, I’m opening the raffles for the stream sketch early for the Friday Mega Stream that are SUPERHERO THEMED! 

Similar to the request raffle the system is identical:

  • In order to fill a slot, reblog this post with the name of the character and a photo of the character I can use for reference.
  • Must be a superhero character to fit the theme. (Manga/anime will be accepted, but western is preferred).
  • Since it’s a raffle, there is no limit to the number of submissions of characters.
  • If I don’t stream on Friday, the next stream will use this raffle list.

Can’t wait to see the names that people will bring up!