Hmm kinda fun thinking of how Amelia could be unknowingly cucking Lapis with Peri. Especially if Peri takes it further and sends Lapis pics (without Amelia knowing the context or how Peri is sending them)

Peridot would probably be the type to send back pictures of her going down on Amelia. Punkidot is a bit of a toxic individual like that, rubbing it in to Lapis that she’s moved on. However, it probably wouldn’t affect Lapis and her love for her ex-girlfriend.

Will link meet rin’s children?

Link has a different relationship with both of the Aensland children.

With Beatrix, he likes to play songs with his tambourine with her, especially with Beatrix showing off her dance moves with him. She actually has no rhythm, but she has a great time with him.  She especially loves the Lost Woods Jig, a song she can dance to all night with him! 


Lucian isn’t as physical and isn’t as coordinated so he likes to sit down and talk to Link about his feelings.  Link actually engages with Lucian on things he’s very private about, such as his budding feelings for ND. Link himself doesn’t usually talk back but will often put his opinion in write or gestures.


 See? I didn’t forget about Link. lol

I don’t get It. Wht’s hapenned between lapis and peridot ?


I think this would be easier to explain in text, than in images, because their breakup is INCREDIBLY storied.

Back when Lapis and Peridot were together, Jasper was just beginning to assimilate with the humans on a more intimate basis.  She didn’t quite by an apartment or land her job as a gym trainer, but she was beginning to engage humans more intimately.  While Lapis was happy keeping herself, Jasper and the other gems separated from the Earthlings, Jasper’s interest began to inspire Peridot to venture out more as well.  Lapis, on the other hand, didn’t want to do anything with the humans past an occasional “hello”.  Everything changed severely when Jasper began dating Clara, Peridot herself was interested in dating humans as well, the way Clara and Jasper held each other made her more than curious for those feelings.  She started hanging around Jasper and Clara more when she noticed that Clara’s punk-rocker friend, Amelia didn’t have anyone with her. After an encounter with her, Peridot quickly began changing her look and aesthetic to appeal to Amelia more, smoking, wearing leather jackets, chains and studs, and building up a profane vocabulary. While this was all happening, Lapis refused to change, or assimilate with the humans, creating resentment between the two, Peridot would stay out late with Vidalia and co, going to concerts and house parties, while Lapis waited around for her girlfriend to come home.  By the time they were on their way out, Peridot and Lapis barely talked, until Lapis finally decided to try to win Peridot back in a last ditch effort by also changing her aesthetics to fit goth fashion, hoping Peridot would gravitate to her new look; she didn’t. A week later, Peridot moved out of their place and moved in with Vidalia in her winnebago/trailer, leaving Lapis behind.  She never got over that rejection and still sobs at night, hoping that Peridot would come back to her–

All byproducts of Lapis refusing to change.

So is Pearl still rocking the summer bod her and Jasper worked on? Noticed some abs on her in that ‘aftermath’ pic. Wonder if she’ll start losing that shape since autumn and winter are coming around. Personally I kinda hope she tries to stick with it.

Oh… she probably will start creeping back into her old cookie guzzling habits. But with Jasper now being concerned with Pearl’s health, I think Jas and Clara will really try to make sure that Pearly is in shape and proud of her body.

… it’s pretty interesting with this dynamic all things considered. Especially because the two roommates have had TONS of sexual tension between each other for three years. So it feels good capitalizing on it somehow.

You’ve probably already answered this, but in the SU au, does steven not exist? Like, is stevonnie the connie AND steven of the au? (Sorry, thats probably weirdly worded >>)

Ooooh… I should actually try to explain this one.

Stevonnie in this universe is still a fusion of Steven and Connie, however both kids were fathered by Greg, one by Priyanka and the other by a transient RQ. The two children were fused much earlier on in their lives and never separated since. Because Stevonnie was created in a fusion at such an early age, they do not have any memory of it and maintains that they were born one person. So yes, they DID exist but Stevie doesn’t remember either side of their brain.

You’re fiiiiine, hon!

Golly, you guys don’t have to apologize so much for asking questions about the characters and lore… that’s what i’m here for! 🙆🏻‍♀️💖💖💖

Can rin adopt femboy link after he beat the game he has no purpose anymore and rin is searching for boys like this to break, right? He doesn’t talk much cause he has mutism too many people expect great from him thats why he doesn’t talk to cope with being the greatest hero. so hes very shy to admit he likes to get fucked. But being in the estate is just what he needs no one judges him here he’s safe and he finished his destiny

I took some ideas from this and put my own spin on it! Link is a Bolarian dancer who is mute out of shyness. He’s an orphan raised by the tribal dance troupe of the Bolarian Coast. They taught him quite a bit about sensual dance routines from much of the troupe, mostly comprised of buxom, limber ladies. Link loves them very much but was always too nervous to speak.

This Link has very scarce combat training only knowing how to kick bandits in the groin if he were to be mugged. Rin originally took a liking to Link in hopes of giving him a memorable night in her summer home quarters. But her compassionate side eventually got the best of her and while Link’s collection of loving “aunts” try to provide for him, Rin offers him safety which he could rarely have on Bolaria’s midnight streets.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a time skip au of the aus or something like that. Like, something fun to just pop in and see but not something that would overtake the main au itself. Kinda like that proposed ‘slice of life’ au we talked about before though I think that was/could have been more of its own au in a way.

I think I might do a time skip post every once in a while mostly to show how the younger characters grow up, like Lucian, Beatrix, Yagami and Kyo. It’ll definitely be something that would give me a chance to show things like Morrigan and Cloud’s baby, because I absolutely want them to have a kid(s) together ermagerd them together in their late 40s with a little family sounds cute!

OOOOOF~ I forgot about that big meta universe idea, where like… EVERYONE is canon. I still gotta draw that Rin’s girl friends Beatrix and Lucian! Never a dull moment for world building…

But anyways what are the personalities of tracer, nd and maybe one of the robin Twins and lars?

Oh! Well um…

Mama Oxton is a good caring woman with a love for her coworkers. While Lena doesn’t have a lot of relatives or siblings, so she sees Blair and Alisa as her daughters. Alisa especially, she treats her with compassion, carefully programming Alisa to be as close to human as possible. Lena is a hard, diligent worker who has plenty of passion for her job as a mechanic and her “family”.

ND is adventurous and opposite to Lucian’s meek and shy introversion. He also likes to please people and make them smile, especially Rin. ND enjoys company whether it’s Lucian crushing on him or otherwise.

The Watsons are both just a touch different… Judy is energetic as is her brother, but probably has the better raw talent compared to Jody. As a result, Judy is much more forward and daring, often teasing Phillis and flirting with her. Judy is a bit of a bully but it’s all in good fun. Jody isn’t AS confident as his twin sister so he’s much less showy than Judy. Jody has a bad habit of apologizing and getting emotional when he screws up, even sometimes crying. The two both have good hearts, they just express them differently.

Lars is just any teenage boy troupe in a high school romcom drama. Lol