Before this confuses anybody…

Beatrix is NOT the older sibling. Lucian is Rin’s firstborn, but Beatrix calls him “little brother” because he’s physically smaller than her.

She teases Lucian for being undersized a lot regularly poking fun at how high their mother had to get his platform heels cut, compared to hers.

Idk how to say this without sounding gross n fetishy, so oh well; i love how u draw fat people. U make them look good and sexy without, like, fetishizing the fact that theyre fat, n it kinda helps my self esteem, so thank u. (Also, a lore question; did rin ever know about cloud’s crush on lucian?)

Well first of all, thank you for the compliment, hon! I’m glad you like how I draw heavier people! That means a lot! 🙆🏻‍♀️

Second, Rin never knew that Cloud ever had a crush on Lucian, which is ironic with how much access Rin gave her former headmaid to her son. Rin was completely oblivious to how madly attracted Cloud was to Lucian’s timid sexual awakening.

Do you think ND, in any way, could be the one to make Lucian feel more confident or like ‘at ease’ with the size of his cock? Whether that be through friendly comfort or something more intimate. I just can’t stand Lucian being upset about his lovely dick 😭😭😭

Lucian hasn’t shown ND his cock because he just started courting him with poem readingsin the courtyard over apples. With as much of knowledge of romance he has, he’s afraid of going too fast.

He’s only very comfortable with being so lewd with Cloud and their unspoken sexual relationship. Of course, Yolene also wants to be with Lucian and unlike ND, she IS in a hurry to try to be with him.


Sometimes I remember that cute and smol Lucian has a massive cock. I love it lol

The size of his mom’s to be exact! It just looks a lot bigger on him because Rin is so tall compared to her son.  But unlike mom, he an’t stand how big it is. He finds his length embarrassing. Poor guy… if only he had the same amount of pride Rin has with her hardware.~

Beatrix on the other hand, could care less about her genitals. All she knows is that Mama tells her that it “throws up sometimes”, that she needs to shave it’s hair every two months, and Lucian cries and wails like a banshee whenever her kickball pelts HIS genitals.

Sorta followup: just realized demon boy kinda looks a little similar to Lucian and omg I want them to become best friends. They could even dress up as one another, maybe even tease Morrigan/others by pretending to be one another (even though they know they look too different for that to work). Or maybe they could dress up for each other (if they catch feelings for each other) and go on play dates. Oooooh, could be Lucian’s first real relationship.


Lucian and ND have been getting close since the young demon began parading dresses for Rin and his mutual entertainment. Lucian took interest after ND said that he didn’t know where his name originated from and it peeked Lucian’s curiosity. Phasma is happy for the two seeing them as a cute couple and would like nothing more but to see them bond together over Lucian’s love for reading, especially with him kicking around the idea of starting a book club for the townspeople of Wimbourne.


ND: Hello Ms. Phasma. Lucian was showing me around the library… we were looking up some information on my breed of DEmon… Would you chaperone us to the courtyard? We’re going to read together in the summer daylight!

Lucian: I…I already consoled mother… she said it’s okay for me to see ND in this capacity … b…besides…I think that he’s kind of sweet..~

Phasma: ooooo… You two look adorable together. I’d love to chaperone your playdate. Especially if Mistress Rin approves of it.

The Succubus Duchess meets The Vampire King by unluckyscout

Hey everyone! One of my awesome followers, @theunluckyscout​ made a story featuring his OC, Damien Blackstone and my very own Rin Aensland! There’s some lewd naughty bits towards the end of it, and includes some appearances by my other OC’s such as Linkle, Phasma and Rin’s son, Lucian.

Here’s the link to the raw doc file if you don’t want to read it on here.

It was a cool autumn evening in the aensland estate, the air was cool and gentle, and its residents wondered about doing their daily duties, as its ruler laid upon her favorite lounging chair, endulging on her favorite grapes and waiting for her one of her many loyal servants to bring her news of the world around her as usual. Rin is a succubus goddess, with long beautiful mint green hair with a pair of small black bat wings poking free from her head, her body is worshipped by her loyal servants, juicy squeezable breasts, a curvy midsection going to a large, thick, girthy cock and plump, juicy bottom ending gloriously supple legs. She rested happily on her perch, listening to the birds and the faint sounds of her young son, Lucian, scampering around in the estate library. Rin enjoy the sounds until the sound of one of her loyal subjects reached her ears" Lady Aensland, I have news for you, as you requested" boomed the voice of a young, muscular blond woman in armor “Ah, Phasma, my dearest guardian, what have you brought me today!” She said with a regal tone. “ There has been sighting of a orc band rising in the east of the manor ”. UGH, those filthy green bastards again!? Send Linkle to handle it if you please, NEXT! “ She boomed. "There is many news I have collected, a group of dancers are moving through the area, Slash has been spotted moving in the forest, there has been word of a vampire king in the north and- STOP, GO BACK!, what was that of a vampire king? Oh well, its been told of a vampire who has taken over a nearby kingdom and claimed it as his, he is known as The Patriarch King, it’s said he’s looking for allies for his army and kingdom……lady rin?” Rin shuffled in her seat, adjusting her hardening grith and think of all the money she could gain and all the naughty things she could do to a king with a cruel, sadistic smile. “Phasma, Darling….. I think you may have peaked my interest…and what, pray tell, would be his name? Damian…..Damian Blackstone. Phasma……have a message sent to our king, "I accept his challenge and become his ally! I will arrive at his castle in…..three days time”. As you wish, lady rin, I’ll get to work right away!“ Phasma quickly says as she leaves the room. "Yes I’ll meet our king and……show him his new goddess” Rin thought to herself  " Well time to pack, Lucian honey, we’re going to a king’s castle, pack your best outfits for the trip! Now for me to look me best for my new worshipper" Rin giggled as she thought of ways of how she’ d make him bow at her feet and dance at her every word. 

As Rin put on her favourite black gown, she heard phasma’s voice once again. “ Lady Rin, the carriage is packed and we are ready to leave at your leisure ” she beamed. “Good, and did you do as I asked, Phasma?” “Of course, my lady, I called for Linkle and made sure to tell the other guards not to let anyone near the estate while we are away ” Phasma replied. “ Good, then we’re off!” Rin boomed with glee. Rin and Phasma piled into the carriage with the waiting Linkle and Lucian and began their journey to Blackstone castle. 

Three days later

Rin was woken by her son shaking her, saying “ Mummy, wake up we are here!” Rin stepped out of the carriage and was greeted by a massive castle entrance, flanked by two large banners with the image of a screeching bats face and two spears behind it. “ Ah, scary bats faces…..tacky” she thought to herself. As she entered the castle, she was met by a lanky young man in a butler’s uniform and a well curved woman with grey skin in robes carrying a book. “Welcome to Blackstone castle, I am Jacob, your humble servant for the day, I am to take care of your every whim until my master is ready for you” said the man in a British accent “ The woman at my side is Evelina, the castle mystic and mage.” Evelina looked at Rin with disgust and compt in her bright yellow eyes “Hello, Fat Harlot, if you’d follow us, we’ll take you take you to your quarters for the time being” she quipped. Rin was visibly offended by the comment of the mage “HOW DARE SHE INSULT ME, THAT FAT ASSED COW!, OHHH, IM GOING TO ENJOY DESTROYING HER MIND, ONCE IM DONE WITH HER KING!” she thought as walked to her temporary quarters. Hours later, Jacob returned “Madam Aensland, We are ready for you in the throne room” “Well, time to make an introduction!” She beamed as she, Linkle, Lucian, and Phasma left for the dining hall. As they made their way to the hall, A creeping feeling was bothering Rin, she felt like something was off but she couldn’t quite place her finger on it. “We are here” Jacob spoke up. He opened the door, and they are met by the view of a intimidating figure. He was tall, built grey skinned man with long dark hair and a piercing red gaze, his face locked in a stoic look, he wore not a king robes but a mix of legend-crafted gauntlets and boots with a long red coat. “Welcome Duchess Rin Aensland, to Castle Blackstone, I… Damian Blackstone, how was your trip?” He said with welcoming smile and curtious bow “Shall we talk?” Rin looked upon the vampire king and felt a overwhelming aura about him, a strength she’d seen before……and it was intoxicating “Why, Hello to you too, my liege, my trip was wonderfully soothing” She said with a curitous bow “Phasma, Linkle, Be good girls and wait back in my quarters……momma is going to have a kind chat with a king”  " Yes, my lady" said the two guards “Shall we go somewhere more private, my liege?” “As you wish" 

"So your the infamous vampire king, so what is your offer for little old me?” Rin teasingly spoke “My forces will occupy, set up guard posts and protect you, your estate and the townfolk below from any harm you will also have full access to my castle and most of my staff at your leisure” “most? Why not all?” Rin asked inquisitively “Most do not trust you, simple”. “ Well that all fine and dandy but I want to ask a question, out are you so trusting of me, I could be planning to take your throne or manipulate you like a puppet” She teased. “ I know that” he chirped, strolling towards her “ I also know your plan to turn me into one of your slaves” he said, getting ever closer “ What! Why I never!” “ Silence, you can’t lie to me very easily, now be a good girl and bend over for your new master, Hmm?” He calmly asked, continuing his approach, pushing rin onto the wall behind her “ How……….HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME IN SUCH A MANNER, ILL HAVE YOUR HEAD FOR- Mmmmn!” She was cut off by Damian, grabbing a hold of her head and taking a long, deep , naughty kiss from her. She was shocked by the kiss but slowly felt lust take hold Damian’s hand drifted over her body, looking for something to squeeze and fondle. His hands found and grabbed a fistful of her fat ass, he broke the kiss, looking her in her eyes and growled “I like you…….so I won’t kill you, but I will punish you for your betrayal, now… won’t be needing THIS!” his hand shot towards her top and rip it off in one clean pull, leaving her large breasts laid bare to the hungry gaze of the vampire that stands in front of her. “Oh my, you took my top in one go, you ARE strong.” Rin’s panties grew tight at the situation that stands in front of her, she opened her mouth to speak but all the came out was the moans of her lust as she felt Damian wrapped his arms around her waists, lifting her off the ground, pulled her close, and began suckling on her fat, juicy breasts. She squirmed in his grip, feeling her body ache for more. Rin fought hard to muffle her moans, in case someone heard, but her body felt to good to hold back, her mind wondered with the ways he could ravage her body, her train of thought was derailed when she heard a loud RIP coming from behind her, she looked back and saw her juicy ass was bare to the elements and her mind quickly jumped to what he may do to her. Damian growled in her ear “I want your ass……Turn!” He led her to his bed, Turned her around and gently laid her down on her stomach, Rin looked back at the hung vampire, as he hungrily eyed her plump butt, she jiggled her ass, enticing him to endulge himself. He grabbed to fistfuls of her rump, kneading and squeezing them. Rin felt something else, between her legs, as a blue ring appeared around her girth. “What in the…..” Rin thought to her self “Damian, what are you doing to me!?” Damian grinned “You won’t cum, unless I say so, now hush, we are just getting started” as he undone his bottom. She felt her panties put to the side and she felt a girth rub between her fat ass “I think it need some……lubrication and I know just the place” Damian whispered a chant and black, ink-like tentacles grabbed Rin’s limbs, turned and lifted her of the bed, pointed her face directly at his cock. “Well!? do you need a sign, I thought you were a genius…..I guess I was mistaken” He said in a condescending tone, Rin opened her mouth and braced herself. Damian slowly thrust his cock down her throat, reveling in her warmth and fighting back his urges to embrace….. and enjoy the slick, warmth of the succubus’s mouth until he was satisfied and returned her to her original position, face down with her plump bottom exposed, now with her arms bound behind her back and her legs spread wide. Rin felt his tip, testing the tightness of her taut pucker, she felt Damian lean in and whisper “ I’m going to fuck you till you can’t think straight, you traitorous, fat cow” Rin grew even more aroused at his words “Oh please do, I’m a traitorous slut who needs punishment, please deliver” Rin moaned. She felt Damian poise his cock at her anus, grab a fistful of her mint green hair and slowly pulled her on to his length, Rin squirmed and fought but every act earned her a fierce slap on her fair-skinned rump with his free hand. It took every fiber of his being to control himself as he began slowly pounding Rin’s taut pucker, Rin bouncing her bum against his cock, barely containing her moans of pleasure.

Rin grunted between moans “Yes…Fuck me like the filthy whore I am-UGH GOD YES-Come on, I’m not made of glass, Give me a real fucking-UGH- I’ve been so naughty, trying to take your kingdom, I should be held down and fucked just like a common whore… know you want to..I see you fighting your urges to let loose, you can’t hold back forever, Rin teased as her ass was ravaged by her lover. "Quiet, Whore….I’m going to make you weak!” As he picked up his pace, his focus on Rin’s binding began to break and the tendrils began to fade away. Rin gripped the bed as he picked up to a beastal pace, his taunts turning into beast-like growls as he railed Rin’s tight ass. Rin couldn’t even muster enough strength to beg for more , all she could do is hope he want far from climax, as her mind wandered, she was ripped out of  her sex-fueled by her head being yanked back and a low groan. Rin grinded her hips into him, edging him closer. “Please finish in me, I’m yours!” Rin purred, She was answered but rough, hard, thrusts growing slower and slower as he gripped her shoulders to fully put force behind his thrusts. As Rin felt lied in a drooling, fuck-drunk heap, her girth twitched and ached for release as the magic binding held her orgasm back. Damian fought back as hard as he could but his urges at this point became too powerful and he gave way to his body, he slammed into Rin’s fat rump, wrenched her upright and pumped his warm seed deep within her juicy rump, Rin felt warmth flow through body and shuddered and moaned as he filled her to the brim, as if on cue, the binding holding back Rin’s cum dissipated and the flood gates opened. Rin let out a groan as she instinctively, thrust forward as she came, groaning and shuddering, splattering her own cum all over her body. Damian nuzzled against Rin, their spent and sweaty bodies rubbing against each other. Rin, drunk off of her own orgasm, felt Damian pull her hair and hear him whisper in her ear “forgive me……I can’t hold back anymore” Rin was too spent and too satisfied to care about what he was on about fell into a pleasant slumber.
Rin’s whole body felt sore, her legs felt like jelly, her ass felt like she had sex with a bear, and her neck throbbed with pain too. She had never felt happier though, “ That…..was….Heaven.” She swooned to herself as she looked at her surroundings, she seemed to be in Damian’s Bedroom, the room was filled with trophies and pictures of his past, his bed covered in red silk sheets, “Where could he be?” Rin thought. “I’m at the balcony to your left, my dear little bat” Damian’s voice rang in her head “Dress yourself, and meet me here please, I wish to speak to you about, Well……you ”. Rin quickly hopped back into………her usual garb “ how did this get here” she shook off the thought, dressed herself and skipped to the balcony. “Yes, my lord, you did you need from me” Rin chirped playfully “ I’m at your every command ”. “ Good, Rin may I ask you two questions, what are you so good at, for skills I mean? I forgot to ask due to my…..emotions” she chirped “Well I’m an expert mage and alchemist, I’m also pretty good with a whip” Rin Beams with pride “Good, now the second, any…..characters of power come to mind, my dear, I’m looking to expand my army with those of great strength and prowess, allies, enemies, any will do.” Rin thought about it “ There are a few that come to mind” Rin said with a devious grin “Well then, by all means……introduce me to them.