Aensland Estate AU: Love for Talim

A new comic project that came from an interest in doing something for Valentine’s Day. For those interested in the Aensland Estate universe, this has some pretty large changes to the characters that will affect the story from here (lol story). Thanks for being patient with me. Now I can move on to new projects!

I received an ask a few months ago regarding Lucian starting a book club.  I’ve since deleted the ask, but I still felt like it would be a fun concept for Lucian to have a little book club with a few of his friends he has made in the town marketplace in Wimbourne. Genga is a Nulmere halfling with supposed ghost properties. Her mother and father moved to Wimbourne when she was little girl and has had a pretty comfortable life since. Diandra is a studious Gerudo, her two older sisters being prominent witches and spell casters, she has an interest in books and literature that rivals Lucian!

Tanya (who I’m glad to bring back) has a section of her pub devoted to the studying of the book club and will even bring the non-alcoholic beverages like milkshakes and root beer to enjoy while they discuss the week’s material. Rin lets Lucian make friends in town and he very much enjoys being able to host his book clubs with ND and Linkle standing guard.

Adell also wants to join. But only because he wants to learn how to read. Being illiterate all of his life.

Haven’t seen Lulu in a while. Does that side of him not come out as often anymore? Has he been so content with everything right now (and ND?) that he hasn’t noticed/felt that way in a while? Would be kinda cute if he’s grown away from it in a way, though I’ll miss the lewd boi :P

Lucian showed ND Lulu as a means of sleeping together one night. He really wanted ND to give into the sensual charms of Lulu, but ND was actually incredibly turned off by the quiet sensitive boy he knew becoming a pushy, aggressive mistress, complete with his mom’s magical whip. ND doesn’t mind when he used to pleasure Rin, but he likes Lucian for who HE is, not for who his MOTHER is.


The two ended up doing nothing but talking and sharing candy all night in a slumber party instead. Lucian was originally glum because he didn’t get to show off his other side to ND. But ND wasn’t particularly interested in Lulu in the first place.

Will link meet rin’s children?

Link has a different relationship with both of the Aensland children.

With Beatrix, he likes to play songs with his tambourine with her, especially with Beatrix showing off her dance moves with him. She actually has no rhythm, but she has a great time with him.  She especially loves the Lost Woods Jig, a song she can dance to all night with him! 


Lucian isn’t as physical and isn’t as coordinated so he likes to sit down and talk to Link about his feelings.  Link actually engages with Lucian on things he’s very private about, such as his budding feelings for ND. Link himself doesn’t usually talk back but will often put his opinion in write or gestures.


 See? I didn’t forget about Link. lol

A crossover pairing that has been requested a few times before, I think because both characters (Lucian Aensland and  Stevonnie Maheswaran have a level of sexual innocence that makes them an interesting pair for a crossover. Lucian, of course would read to Stevie reciting his favorite love poems and ballads. But Stevonnie would totally be interested, volunteering to read poems as well in a goofy, playful voice. They would dress down for the occasion to put Lucian at ease a bit. While drawing it, the pairing did grow on me a bit. They both are very naive but also lively.

Ladies and gentlemen: Stecian or Luconnie

For anyone still paying attention to Lucian’s head canon, don’t worry, he’s still dating ND.

Has ND joined Lucian on the beach? Assuming ND went with them (is the entire castle empty and with them? Can’t remember.)

Priscilla: Ummm… yes, that is a good looking neck– 4000 gold shillings? oh dear… that’s so much money, Master Lucian…M-mistress Rin is trying to s-save money for the winter quater.

Lucian: What do you think of this one, nd? Do you like it? I’ve never seen seashells in my life… they look so niceand interesting.

ND: That’s very very pretty, lucian!  I think it’ll look very cute on you! I actually have some friends in Bolaria’s coast and that seashell is supposed to be really rare!


Priscilla: M-master Lucian! Your mother will not be happy that you spent ND’s allowance! That comes out of our budget! please refund that necklace! it’s too, too expensive!

Lucian: th…thank you for buying me this seashell necklace, ND…. oh…um… i didn’t see you were h-holding m…my hand… um… where to

ND: Let’s go to the  beach, Lucian! I wanna hear you read to me some more! you have such a cute voice! And i love watching the waves…


Poor Priscilla just wants to save money, but Lucian is just so smitten by ND’s relaxed personality. Sure, Rin has become a little more relaxed with who chaperones them, now giving that responsibility to her accountant, but she still wants Lucian to take it slow with ND, hoping that he gets a chance to enjoy his vacation with his crush.


Rin, Lucian and Beatrix took the residents of the estate on a summer vacation to Ankura’s new vacation home on the coast of Wimbourne, facing the west. Rin chose to stay there for the entire summer vacation in order to escape the drudgery of strutting about the mansion and giving orders. Also, her children have never experienced summer vacation before so it was a great for them as well! Beatrix brought a beach ball to play with and Lucian got an umbrella and books to read near the water. Rin herself, is looking for Ankura to compensate her for raising his dead handmaidens and get a tan, hopefully also getting her son to tan as well (fearing his sickly pale complexion from his attachment to indoors).  Rin closed down the castle completely for the summer and even let her maids and playthings take a vacation, with many of them finding shanty apartments that Rin financed for them. The castle is empty and quiet. 

The Morrigan Aensland Estate is closed for the summer.

I’ll definitely try to show some of the other core Aensland Estate characters also enjoying their retreat to Ankura’s summer home!