Stream Sketch #35: Fem Hakan

I wanted to follow up one of the suggestions I got on Discord after the Fem Alex sketch that I did a couple of weeks ago with another Fem version of a burly dude. This time it’s a sketch of female Hakan! I love her hair so much! I just want to put her and Alex in cute idol girl outfits! X3

Done in conjunction with the WRASSLESTREAM!

Swiggity swoody, Dean’s perched for the booty.


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Stream Sketch #31: Casca on Tinder

My series of anime characters fucking with smart phones continue with Casca from Berserk (yes I read/watch Berserk) scrolling through Tinder to find a date.  I kinda imagined that Casca (especially pre-God Hand Casca) would be stuck up on Tinder always questioning her matches. There might be other factors at play that are stopping her from finding a date…

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Pam is gay, not bi. His mentor-in-crime(?) Ms. Quinn tries to get him to hook up with both men and women, but he’s very much fixated on men. In fact there are some instances where he would let himself get caught after a robbery to spend some time in Blackgate.