A birthday gift sketch for a great artist @hiveaway of his titular OC pun intended, Lyren! Paired her off with Sheva who was instantly super gay for her. To the point where she almost forgot about her obsession with Leona. 

Happy birthday, Hive! Enjoy!

A commission that I received by this longtime friend and follower! He asked for his OC Anna giving Morrigan a pair of glasses to wear at work. She also compliments Ms. Aensland and cleans her up a bit for work. Honestly, I think this idea is so adorable and I’m happy I took it!

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Princess Kylaika comes from a large line of magicians with deadly dark powers. Her bloodline was so dominant that it led them to usurp the throne from the good King Boris hundreds of years ago.  However, with each descendant, the bloodline became more and more diluted until their power was only known as legend.  Although the Princess has much more power than Rin,Talim or any of the other mistresses could imagine, she longs for the intimate sexual relationships that they hold within their respective estates.  

Kylaika is a bitter princess, with a nasty attitude, mostly biding her time for her father to die so she can assume power as queen of the region.  In addition, she’s also a prude, punishing her handmaidens harshly for even giving her a compliment.

Finally… Back to drawing something.

New OC!

Drevio Satinheim is known better by the name, the MIstress of Nulmere Mire.  Nulmere Mire is a foggy swamp south in the region, away from the Western-most city, Wimbourne. It’s inhabited by rumored undead creatures and imps that enjoy the drab environments that surround them.  Drevio is unclear in terms of race, sporting human features but the eyes and fancy teeth of an imp. Many creatures of Nulmere, especially the swamp share the same strange deformities. Drevio himself is the self-proclaimed mistress of Nulmere because of his adept sorcery and mastery of hexes.  Similar to the Mistress of the East, the Duchess of Wimborne (Rin) Mistress of the Nulmere Mire relies on alchemy and dark powers to give himself the upper-hand.  In terms of preference he has a very specific taste in futas with a minuscule interest in men, although he likes breasts too much to ever really love men or even femboys. 

It’s unclear if Drevio has parents or where and how he was born, but like Rin and the Kusanagis, he has underlings who worship him as a trickster god. Many of them will go to great lengths to please Drevio in hopes of gaining an ounce of his dark magic and command over hexes.

Made this OC just because I was asked to do so. And yes, Drevio is based on the pokemon, Misdreavus and he’s not going to be the only one of the sort. Lol.

Commission: Francisca Valero

A commission for a pretty popular OC, Francisca Valero doing some exhibitionism much to the chagrin of the local townsfolk.  This was actually a pretty fun commission to do in terms of the pose and scenario. Although the background was actually pretty frustrating, despite just being a few buildings Gaussian’d out.

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Finally, finished Beatrix! It took a while but this was the primary project of the weekend. Getting these primary three intro sketches done.

Beatrix Marcia Aensland was created by a combination of spells and dark arts by Rin and is comprised of extracts of the house cat Fefe, Sareena and Rokzi.   Rin has the innate ability to trace the essence of people’s appearances and characteristics through the portals that Kara introduced her to.   In wanted to have a girl really badly after she spent some months with Lucian, while she loves her son dearly, she always felt like he was sometimes too delicate and gentle, especially seeing his sickly pale complexion.  Beatrix is a succubus with features of a kitsune (primarily stemming from Fefe’s animal genes), sporting a large fluffy tail and fox ears along with the thin head and body wings that are customary to Aensland blood. 

 She’s packed with energy often, running from place to place around the manor, and speaking quickly and often.  Her playful personality lightens up others, especially when she plays hide and seek, popping out to surprise people throughout the day.  The way Lucian is always carrying loads of books, Beatrix does so with her rubber ball, a companion she has with her all day long. Compared to her brother she’s much more colloquial, referring to Rin as “mama” instead of Lucian’s “mother” but still referring to other formally. She spends a lot of her time outdoors with chaperones or with her brother, playing sports and making friends with wild animals, in fact, she teases Lucian regularly for being a glorified shut-in.  Beatrix calls him “little Dandelion” and when Lucian tells on her, Rin laughs it off and pats both of them. Beatrix loves playing kickball and other sports with her mom most importantly, but Rin can only go a few rounds before her conditioning catches up to her.  Either way, she loves her little girl just as much as she does her son, and enjoys having a tiny bundle of excitement to break up the mundane drudgery.

Finally made good on my new character, Rin’s nerdy bookkeeper!

Priscilla Scarborough

Height: 5′4″

Weight: 48kg

Species: Mountain Oni

Priscilla Scarborough, is an oni from the mountains northwest of the market down that Rin’s castle observes. She’s the daughter of a family of wealthy pelt traders who used their money to put their daughter through university.  She worked a few years in the private sector working for wealthy business men and traders in larger cities.  She was eventually hired by Rin to work on her budget right around the time she created her son, Lucian.  Rin however, still goes over budget constantly which drives her up a wall; Lucian loves going shopping with Priscilla and considers her a good friend, because she accompanies him everywhere he goes. 

Priscilla is blind similar to Morrigan, but Rin has granted her the ability to see in negative light when needed, usually for when she’s writing and collecting receipts.  She dresses professionally with a clean dress suit with prints reminiscent of the Scarborough family business. She’s a worrywart who constantly finds herself nervous and panicking over everything around her.  However… it’s rumored that she actually has a very lewd and horny side that she keeps away from other residents. Cloud once reported spotting a trunk with a leather corset and thigh high boots that roughly looked of Priscilla’s size…