Thinking of making a new OC for Aensland Estate

A smol Oni bookkeeper for Rin, with glasses, a frilly dress suit, thin glasses? Either a petite girl or a trap (still debating the gender) constantly following behind her cautiously carrying a big book of receipts and expenses. I wanna give Rin a cute little nerd who’s always badgering her about budgeting and spending…

Ask Clara Vol. 1

How could I forget about Jasper’s lovely, docile girlfriend Clara. I don’t know if there’s as wide of a fanbase as Pearl or Jasper, but Jasper’s human workout partner does have a number of admirers! This collection is a bit overdue…

And finished! Was working on this color bg commission for the better part of the week and I’m finally done with it. People kept asking if I was drawing Zarya; I wish I was drawing Zarya, I need to draw more Zarya UURGGH.  It’s a Final Fantasy OC, Moen who is a kunoichi from my knowledge.  The commissioner picked me because of my “expertise in THICC (I’m paraphrasing).” Tried out some painting techniques and did some linework mostly on the character.

Always fun to do something SFW the change up the pace!

Yo commission me using this info right here, dawg.