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Okay so this is my variation on a commission I completed this morning (The  commissioner requested that I kept their version private, so I did my my own to release publicly. The main differences being, Aqua’s ass size, and the jokes/extra panels are removed from their version.

Now a long list of mentions. The ref I was given for this image was a render by  @vekkte Whom I asked permission to mention them in this post beforehand.


Next, a few of the character on the side panels are ocs of some hentai Artists.  @fvatrtnyuh09 @lorisorsfm @queen-anura @vogolsart @wholewheatjamart And a zone tan Cosplayer sitting next to Zone-tan

Pam makes a cameo in the lower left corner and he’s just being Pam, jilling off to something sexy. Lol~

A simple-bg color commission for a continuation of the recovery of Pam after his unsavory encounter with a particularly rough party-goer. After the traumatic event, Pam got himself busted for a petty shoplifting crime so he can spend some time in prison, hoping that selling himself around his usual spots would take his mind off the situation. But, he did have the usual lewd personality that would grant him so much pleasure before, now he was timid and afraid, fearing that men would take advantage of him again.  As a result, he found the graces of some of the more gentle inmates who find value in his delicate and sensitive side. 


Nothing felt cooler than getting commissioned for my universes…

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