I have a suggestion, some thicc Lili from Tekken? She would be the type who would facesit some futa Kitana. *nudge nudge*


I got you. And that brings us to this! Once again, this was way fun to pose, plus I think Lili’s really starting to grow on me. I might have found a new dom. Anyway, I think I should upload other angles, as it’s not easy to see everything just from one shot. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

It’s…it’s WONDERFUL!

Thank you senpai!

Please! Thicc fans! Do yourselves a favor and give central tides a follow! tide’s puts out great stuff and is taking SUGGESTIONS!

Central-Tides is back!


Hey everybody, great news! One of my favorite 3D NSFW artists just resurfaced today! If you’re not familiar with central-tide’s work:

Get familiar.


Save for the ever-amazing homie, @dentol-sfm, central is one of the few 3D NSFW artists who is tackling THICC in the 3D plane, with XPS no-less which is a fantastic lost art.


Case and point.


If the above fanfare isn’t clear enough.


What are you waiting for? You follow me for thickness, and I’m recommending this artist without any question! 

Go follow central-tides! It would make vog a very happy vog!