Serena is pretty good, she’s more interested in flaunting her new hair dye more than she is satisfying the man. She likes to make every moment of her life a Rotogram moment or… a moment for her adult social media accounts.

Claire is not great, but she’s getting used to doing it after not giving one in many… many years… Otherwise, her sunken cheeks and mature features fo make for a solid blowjob face.

Sabrina doesn’t give blowjobs, not being interested in men (on account of her being a lesbian lol) so she instead tried some interesting Halloween activities with her girlfriend Phoebe, mostly trick or treating. Innocent stuff like that.

They’re all decked out in their Halloween costumes for the season! Ehehehehe!

-Vogtilda the Wicked Witch.

May is very happy with how the old outfit suits her. And while it’s far from perfect, she likes having it on because it makes her feel young.  Even if there’s a bit of an embarrassing pelvic tear in the middle of her bike shorts.

Hilda loves her times in her old outfit they bring her back to the carefree risk taker she used to be. “Ol’ Hil” was a daring trainer with an attitude, cocky edgy, but she knew she was good. A far cry from the modest mother of twins with a hardworking husband.

Dawn fits her outfit the best, but that’s comparative. She’s kind of mortified wearing her old clothes and would rather change back into her business attire as soon as possible. She was never a very good trainer, but that might be because she didn’t know she needed glasses yet.  


I’ll take other classic costume requests sparingly.

Since everyone has been hooting and hollering about Fem Terry. I thought I’d toss my hat into the ring. Of course… with a few extra pounds of muscle added.  Jublife XXX is a subsidiary magazine of the larger Amie-Girl brand used as a sort of an up-scale pin-up magazine. There’s no apparent Amie-Girl branding since the magazine has a less “advertiser-friendly” appeal.

Never stop world-building.

So if dawn isnt into anal, how would she respond to someone wanting to eat her out, or something like that? O:

Dawn has never tried anything with women, so something like that is different for her. There’s an eager new intern at Amie-Girl and Dawn is willing to put in a good word for her to her boss in exchange for trying some GL. She’s finding that while she doesn’t get the same excitement as she does with men, Dawn likes having a gentle touch for a change.



I actually like Sabre as a character so I don’t doing off-hand lewds of her!

Sabrina spending a little time with her bubbly gf, Phoebe. She is always trying to get Phoebe to join the gym and get fit, even offering to do yoga at home with her, but Phoebe doesn’t really like exercising. She loves going bar hopping and restaurant hunting with Sabrina on the weekends, especially when Sabrina is feeling particularly hungry. Phoebe gets a kick out of tempting Sabrina’s inner foodie into ordering a buttermilk ranch cheeseburger with cajun fries whenever she can. While they do bicker every once in a while, Sabrina does really love this woman, and if she wasn’t so timid about marriage, she’d easily walk Phoebe down the aisle.


Hilda and Danny try some more adventurous stuff in the bedroom. It’s funny how they try to be hip and happening with the youth when it comes to stuff like casual sex and belly jobs. No Danny, you don’t want to see her search history.

P.S. Fourth-Wall Break.


I’ve come to realize that I don’t really see any veins drawn on boobs. Stretchmarks neither. Would love to see more of that. But I get that it’s not really something an artist would generally want to think of or put in (does that make sense? I’m tired lol)

Hm… stretchmarks… I think that’s ripe opportunity to give that to a pocket mum…