Every time I see you post a new drawing it makes me really happy

Welp, this gives me an excuse to draw a new character!

Adding Yuri as a potential new Pocket Mum. She’s really good at cooking and baking for all of the neighborhood children after a long day of outdoor activity. She is very good at cooking and dicing meats and vegetables, a home maker who spends most of her time running a cooking and and general mommy blog. She’s a nice lady for the most part but she doesn’t talk to the other women often, only really inviting Hilda and Serena over for a midday snack over coffee.


Inspired by this Mum Yuri I couldn’t turn down by @bunnyshadeow 

She just looks so precious.

if were doing Pokémon now could we please see the Alolan mom?


Miss Kukui is the adventurous type. She usually hangs around the beach and conducts hours of marine research, she likes to write articles and journals on her findings.  She knows the other women through Hilda; they used to be buddies in high school.  She’s easy-going and fun and enjoys spending her days and nights surfing and collecting seashells.


Yes, Claire has been a character in the Pocket Mums AU for a while.  I suppose no one has picked up on that in a while…

Claire is extremely old-fashioned with everything and is someone who likes to keep everything very vanilla. She personally believes she’s too old to comprehend or keep up with some of the “outlandish fetishes” that her girl friends part-take in.


Sabrina isn’t someone who strips down often, but when she does, it’s usually because she’s about to ask her girlfriend for a massage. Since her job as a yoga instructor can get very physically taxing, her body is usually put through the wringer week in and week out. She likes to have her girlfriend get off of her lazy butt to at least check on the breadwinner of the two.


Hilda talks about her extra-marital affairs with one of her sorority tenants, Shannon. While she hasn’t been around much past Shannon, she suspects that her husband is cheat on her with one of the other sorority sisters. She just wants to go back to being 20 instead of 20 for the 14th time.

The three talk about their favorite places where they like jizz:

  • Hilda and Danny like to tease the idea of having a third kid by constantly playing with fire. 
  • May prefers to be “tipped” on her toppers. I’m funny.
  • Dawn usually likes it on her face and in her hair, for rather strange reasons.