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One more time…


…Before I go. This is just something that I HAVE to say. 


We read your statement and we know how corporate you are. This isn’t a secret. What you said? What you are doing to NSFW artist and now we see that even SFW artist aren’t safe. The fact that some of these artist can’t even search themselves up? Is nothing but full on… 


And thats okay! You got some really good artist taken down… And As of now? You have everyone else jumping ship… I don’t care what i’m called for saying this.. A Fear-monger… A paranoid crazy… A Tinfoil hat wearing- I don’t really care yo… At the end of the day? You’re still making changes for a better and brighter community but wiping out anything that goes against the “New Standards”. 

Every artist that I KNOW you’ve taken down? Have not drawn anything related to child pornography or Anything involving underaged characters. This isn’t a glitch. This is YOU tumblr… All of you… And with that being said?… I’m just kinda done for right now….What are you waiting for?… Do it….DO… IT….

Because right now?…

All the rest of us are just waiting, Fam…. I usually tend to stay in my lane but theses last couple of days?… We’ve seen nothing but your true colors…. If I missed something… Reblog and add your own two cents… If you’re against it? Still reblog with your argument… I don’t care… As long as people know that Tumblr is now reshaping itself… BIG BROTHER STYLE… And we’re all slowly being driven out for the new and fresh tumblr users…To the fallen… 

I’m glad we were able to view your awesome ART… Met some DOPE artist on this site… In the future?… I hope to see more of your work on a BETTER platform…. To the remaining few?… 

KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT…. Pray it’s not you fam…. Because as of right now?… I’m just waiting…. Once again…. 




You can reach me here… Be easy fam…. Sits back and watches as Tumblr Myspace’s itself…. 

Thank you…

Best wishes!


I’m doing what I can and bunkering for the nuke. I’m already watching more of my friends get wiped out by tumblr, like JumboGumbo, who they just cleared out minutes ago. 

What everyone can do if you want to help is please.


This is not a glitch in the system. This is not an algorithm. Tumblr is currently scrubbing their site of us to please Yahoo and their investors. I’m on hiatus because this has become a primary issue for me. And more people need to know about it before we’re all gone.

Here’s also a link to my backup drive: May 2016-November 2018

Taking a NSFW hiatus from Tumblr.


I wanna first start off by saying that, I’m okay, everyone. Vogol survived the nuke spree.

After what happened today, I can’t let this go unnoticed. There are plenty of artists that are on here after this mass deletion saying that “all of this is not a big deal” and that we all need to “stop crying” and “stop being babies”.  Quite frankly, I have zero patience for anyone who is being blasé about how tumblr conducted itself with not only NSFW artists but also a handful of SFW artists in the upper echelons.  To them, we’re very easy to control and silence to the point where they can simply delete the people they don’t like or think will affect their brand.

At this point, I’m NOT listening to any artist who is brushing this entire situation off. This is censorship, this is silencing, this is a corporation picking another choosing who they want to represent their brand.  Yes, I sound crazy and I sound like I’m overreacting, and that’s because I’m looking at this entire situation from the perspective of a person who actually works in advertising and graphic design as a living.  What this was, was a stunt to fob off eliminating the prime culprits that tarnish tumblr’s image of being an “all accepting, inclusive environment” just so that they can get back into the good graces with Apple and the App Store.   This has NOTHING to do with a glitch. And if you ask me, the glitch as merely a scapegoat for them to excuse their actions.

If they implemented some “algorithm” that eliminates porn-bots, riddle me this, doughhead (🇨🇦). WHY were they taking down artists who have NO pornography references in their names?  Artists like Bastard-Hive, bard-bot and Agawa have ZERO references to pornography in their names and they were handily removed without any prejudice. You’d think that this “algorithm” would be smart enough to recognize unique content vs. a porn bot. You know your big-milk-tits’s and your bbwmilfsexy’s, which seem to still be around despite this mass nuke spree that tumblr went on. No. This isn’t just a glitch, this isn’t just an algorithm. 

This is control.

And I honestly do not care how nuts of a conspiracy theorist this makes me sound like, but what they are doing is REMOVING what they want WHEN they want. Because they have the power to. Me? Personally? I spent all day in the office backing up my content and I have a handy 5.5GB of work saved onto my work desk, ready to come home.  If tumblr needs to look good for their investors, they’ll willingly turn on their own monickers of self expression and freedom of thought just to silence who they need to. Tumblr is NOT concerned with free thought. It’s NOT concerned with expression. It’s for damn sure not concerned with any of us.  And quite frankly. I’m currently sick to my stomach with how they command over us.  

The reason I’m bothered is because I remember a time where I used to use NSFW commissions to help me pay bills and get what I needed to done in my life. I used to use commissions to help support myself, and I’m sure many others on here have as well.  Tumblr. You are destroying people’s livelihood.

I’m not here to start drama. I’m not here to argue. I’m not here to overreact. And I’m not here to bitch much more than I have here in this crazy-person-conspiracy-theorist post. 

But I am NOT engaging with any artist who takes any of this lightly. Because this is more than just porn art, it’s more than just losing your favorite artist to a confounded “glitch” in the system. This is a company TELLING you what it wants and TELLING you that you’re under their thumb.

As a result, I’m taking a break from drawing any NSFW content on this blog. If I post, it will be SFW and at best suggestive. Otherwise, I’ll be posting memes to keep my tumblr active and relevant. As always lore asks are still open as are SFW asks. But as for lewd content I still have my twitter, deviantART, pixiv and HF, which are all updated regularly.

Reblog this if you agree and spread the word on how corporate controls us.

Till next week…