I wasn’t even considering making a Medical Division for Regiment 803, but the idea of a medical unit was hinted at during an RP I was doing so I thought I’d make one anyway.  This actually continues the story of Jill’s punishment, lol.

Mercy- While her reasons for leaving Overwatch are less clear than Lena’s, Mercy joined the medical unit to supposedly help people on a more personal basis. Also, she uses this as a means of comfort for herself and the people she helps.  Mercy is incredibly selfless which can lead her to being a bit of a “negative Nancy” as she is always thinking about the downside of a situation.  Some say that the reason why Mercy really joined was to reconnect with Lena in a less hectic enviornment.
Elena- Hired for ability to heal herself, Elena is the head doctor of the medical unit, she oversees all of the operations with watchful, but also playful eye.  Elena is lighthearted and often cracks jokes or minimizes people’s injuries to invoke an aura of positivity.  Elena does well in counteracting Mercy’s cautious demeanor and she can make any patient feel at ease, ven when their situation is everything BUT easy.
Nadia Cassel (now that’s an obscure one)- Coming from a background as a French model, turned soldier, tuened medical assistant, Nadia is a bit of a narcassist. She can usually be found glued to her phone taking pictures of herself and the situations she’s in rather than actually doing her job.  While Nadia does care about the people she works with, she can sometimes let her own adoration of herself get in the way of being productive.  One nurse within the unit observed Nadia for one work shift and found that Nadia took approximately 76 pictures of herself.

I’ll give anyone a reblog if they can tell me where Nadia Cassel is from WITHOUT looking it up online!

The good old medical staff! ❤❤


My first real attempt at drawing a slender, petite figure since Marie Rose from Regiment 803. I think I’ve gotten better at drawing the form from my last go-around. Anyway. Here’s Yagami; a former slave of Rin’s who managed to gain a large amount of power through a hiccup in the curse put upon him, transforming him into a woman. A dreadful and gloomy character to match Kyo’s apathy and disinterest.  She’s an average witch type who has a head for books and studying, constantly searching for a cure to reverse the gender-bending spell put upon her by Rin.

There a little story for Yagami to give her dimension. I love bending a character so far it just hits OC territory.

Happy birthday to the shy petite witch, Yagami.

This is another character I should draw again. Lol

The Regiment took a field trip to the beach for some time to unwind and relax. While the other recruits like Christie and Jade arrange volleyball games, preparing fireworks for the late-night show, like Ms. Oxton and Alisa or just handing out sunblock like candy and warning of the dangers of sun exposure like Elena and her nervous band of nurses, Jill, Cammy and Leona decided to play in the water.  JILL AND CAMMY PLAYED SOME NASTY PRANKS ON LEONA, STEALING HER SWIMSUIT AND SPLASHING HER WITH WATER. 

The two got caught stepping out of line by Netta, their commanding lieutenant and were ordered to build a sandcastle big enough to satisfy her.  She then bought Leona a nice summer hat for her troubles. Netta spent most of the day with her assistant, Sheva and HER assistant Marie, watching the waves go by. Sheva and Marie enjoyed a little bit of swimming but mostly cuddled up with the boss on the shore line. Yes, Marie has that may floating devices. She’s deathly terrified of drowning.

MaybeI’ll do more parts to the beach/summer story at a later date… This took some time but it was hella fun!


Leona’s Orders: DBZRulez:

Leona saves some water by sharing a shower with Jill Valentine (who has quite the athletic body).

DBZRulez: As for my order i’d say you should hit the showers Leona you’ve done some great work today. If a girl is already in there then make sure to tell her that you have my permission to join her. To save water of course… xP

Hey, the first story related AU drawing! With good old saucy tsundere Jill!