I don’t usually do cold requests, but this was an excuse to draw a thick boy (which I haven’t for quite some time) and also… it’s a pretty good idea.

And yes, I know that that isn’t Riku’s base Keyblade. If I drew the same scene with that blade, the second scene would be far more graphic.

I can’t promise I’ll ALWAYS do this, guys, please don’t flood me with requests.

May is very happy with how the old outfit suits her. And while it’s far from perfect, she likes having it on because it makes her feel young.  Even if there’s a bit of an embarrassing pelvic tear in the middle of her bike shorts.

Hilda loves her times in her old outfit they bring her back to the carefree risk taker she used to be. “Ol’ Hil” was a daring trainer with an attitude, cocky edgy, but she knew she was good. A far cry from the modest mother of twins with a hardworking husband.

Dawn fits her outfit the best, but that’s comparative. She’s kind of mortified wearing her old clothes and would rather change back into her business attire as soon as possible. She was never a very good trainer, but that might be because she didn’t know she needed glasses yet.  


I’ll take other classic costume requests sparingly.

PSA: Inbox Requests

This message is regarding non-AU related requests. Please send ONE request into my inbox at a time. Also, understand that sending a request DOES NOT mean it will be filled. Most inbox requests have lower priority than commissions AND AU inboxes. That is to say I am not GUARANTEEING all of them will be finished. My messages easily tally in the hundreds.

And a message to anons, no more saying “I didn’t know if you got it” after sending the same request 3 to 4 times. If you sent one in, assume I’ve received it, and don’t send another. The more you press me to draw an inbox request, the less interested I will be to fill it.

Hmmm… who would you guys want to see me draw?

If you have any suggestions for chubby boys you’d like to see in one of my AUs (I think I’ve made it clear the large amount fan interaction I take in for building universes, hehe) or just a random request of a character, a rule63, anything, please feel free to respond!




I’m probably not gonna draw Greg…

The five request slots celebrating my 1,000th follower on tumblr have been filled! It only took one night, but I did get some interesting pickings!

Here’s the five requests:

  • POV Catherine Ricci (Time Crisis 5)
  • Thicc Yuri Sakazaki (Art of Fighting/King of Fighters)
  • Octavia (My Little Pony: The Friendship is Magic)
  • Slim and Busty Futa Haydee (Haydee)
  • Thicc Nine (Blazblue)

Here are the sketches with three of the five requests already prepared for launch! Maybe I’ll do a round 2 if the initial 1000 followers posts still have some stragglers. 


Anyway, thanks again everyone for the support!


1,000 Follower Celebration!


I just hit 1,000 followers on my tumblr page! And I want to thank all of you awesome people for getting me to this milestone! To celebrate, I’m going to be opening limited-5 slots for requesting artwork from yours truly! 


Now before everyone gets antsy, there are a few ground rules I’m setting out the gate:

  • Any pending commissions/commissioners cannot be moved to a request slot, but still receive priority over the five request slots.
  • In order to fill a slot, reblog this post with the name of the character and a photo of the character I can use for reference.
  • Specify body type in the post (i.e. Chubby Botan, etc.). If you would like, you can also reference a model for reference (i.e. Chubby Botan – Kana Miyagi)
  • Once the five slots are filled, I will post the list of the winners afterwards. 
  • The fourth and fifth slot might be subjected to lottery if the volume of requests gets too large.

Love you all!

 hugs, hugs, Vogol.💖