I received an ask a few months ago regarding Lucian starting a book club.  I’ve since deleted the ask, but I still felt like it would be a fun concept for Lucian to have a little book club with a few of his friends he has made in the town marketplace in Wimbourne. Genga is a Nulmere halfling with supposed ghost properties. Her mother and father moved to Wimbourne when she was little girl and has had a pretty comfortable life since. Diandra is a studious Gerudo, her two older sisters being prominent witches and spell casters, she has an interest in books and literature that rivals Lucian!

Tanya (who I’m glad to bring back) has a section of her pub devoted to the studying of the book club and will even bring the non-alcoholic beverages like milkshakes and root beer to enjoy while they discuss the week’s material. Rin lets Lucian make friends in town and he very much enjoys being able to host his book clubs with ND and Linkle standing guard.

Adell also wants to join. But only because he wants to learn how to read. Being illiterate all of his life.

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My submission for CutieSaturday! It’s a LONG awaited conclusion to Leona’s character arc regarding how she feels about her weight. Originally, she was very ashamed to be large.  She really used to close up when being called “fat” or if she was teased about her diet. But after discovering a kindred spirit in the popular plus-sized AmieGirl fashion model, Sherry Birkin, Leona began to embrace her size. She decided to pose for JublifeXXX in a costume of her choice, with the help of some connections in the entertainment industry. An average member of a reserve got an article a cover photo and a chance to show everyone that she’s happy with her body and that everyone like her, in her eyes should strive to do the same.  The CEO of Amie-Girl, the parent company of JubilifeXXX, put out an official statement publicly applauding Heidern for her interview and sentiments.

It took me three years to complete this arc.

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Greetings and Happy Halloween my little creepers. Vogtilda was waiting till dawn of night, to grant you all this Halloween sight! Together my friends made a spooky collaboration, hopefully you enjoy this joint sensation! Ehehehehe!


But seriously, I wanted to keep this a deep dark secret, but me and my friends on my Discord server made a large collaboration for Halloween! We are really excited to come together for a parody of a certain creeping sitcom from the 60′s… Ehehe… And since all of my followers didn’t see much of Rin is month, here is a super important appearance as the busty Morticia! 

OC Vanil drawn by @wholewheatjamart

OC Shelby drawn by @thetruedoonkay

OC Cain drawn by @thekingdomofkazz

OC Neko drawn by @rastacakez

OC Mr. Cabray belongs to Yolcatl, follow him on deviantART and Pixiv!

Have a happy healthy, and most of all SCARY Halloween and Vogtilda hopes to see all of your dastardly faces next year for more scartastic fun!!!


-Vogtilda the ever-spoopy Witch

A crossover pairing that has been requested a few times before, I think because both characters (Lucian Aensland and  Stevonnie Maheswaran have a level of sexual innocence that makes them an interesting pair for a crossover. Lucian, of course would read to Stevie reciting his favorite love poems and ballads. But Stevonnie would totally be interested, volunteering to read poems as well in a goofy, playful voice. They would dress down for the occasion to put Lucian at ease a bit. While drawing it, the pairing did grow on me a bit. They both are very naive but also lively.

Ladies and gentlemen: Stecian or Luconnie

For anyone still paying attention to Lucian’s head canon, don’t worry, he’s still dating ND.


Rin, Lucian and Beatrix took the residents of the estate on a summer vacation to Ankura’s new vacation home on the coast of Wimbourne, facing the west. Rin chose to stay there for the entire summer vacation in order to escape the drudgery of strutting about the mansion and giving orders. Also, her children have never experienced summer vacation before so it was a great for them as well! Beatrix brought a beach ball to play with and Lucian got an umbrella and books to read near the water. Rin herself, is looking for Ankura to compensate her for raising his dead handmaidens and get a tan, hopefully also getting her son to tan as well (fearing his sickly pale complexion from his attachment to indoors).  Rin closed down the castle completely for the summer and even let her maids and playthings take a vacation, with many of them finding shanty apartments that Rin financed for them. The castle is empty and quiet. 

The Morrigan Aensland Estate is closed for the summer.

I’ll definitely try to show some of the other core Aensland Estate characters also enjoying their retreat to Ankura’s summer home!


Cloud and Morrigan have been happily living in a forest cottage outside of Wimbourne for a few months now. They have been able to start a new life together, catching fish, dining and bonding at night.  While they don’t have a lot of money to their names, and only have a modest home, they don’t have much in the way of wealth. Instead, they enjoy the little they have and their company greatly.  Lucian and Priscilla sometimes come to visit the couple at their cottage during the weekends and Lucian gives gifts and treats to the couple, lovingly.  Rin doesn’t visit the couple herself, but is pretty happy sending her children to check up on them when they can, knowing how much they cared for their “mommy”.  Now that they are together so much, Morrigan has shifted from being a downtrodden plaything to a meek, but loving partner, Cloud, being more than happy to serve Morrigan and treat her as a proper lady.  Morrigan’s affection for her lover has even gotten to the point where she’s willing to talk about having her own kids with Ms. Strife.  But, Cloud is happy to kid that down the road for a little while longer…

OOF! Finally! I know the backgrounds are a little sparse, but I’m completely exhausted from drawing this set! I felt like they needed a proper send-off though. Especially because this was the pairing that fans of the AU were pushing for since the beginning! I hope you guys like it!

Adorable in her own bratty way, for sure! Though I think she’s grown a little bit, as shown by her letting Cloud and Morrigan go (upon Lucian’s wishes, sure, but I think something in her had to have changed a little). Those ideas are all great but I thiiiiink Drevio would be most interesting to see. Maybe Sahru. Tough choices lol

Since Ichose to use a non-canon “younger version of canonical-self” approach to Rin, I did the same for Talim. Instead of portraying her from her humble military family, this Talim still a lonely girl who tries to pretend like she’s not lonely. I imagine she’s just as spoiled and pouty as Rin but with a tinge of contempt and jealousy.  Sure “PRINCESS” Talim says she has a lot of friends but you just don’t see them ever. Also I wanted to incorporate her regular costume’s red “tails” somehow, so that’s where the cape comes in.


Sahru would be a kid when can’t quite live up to his barbarian father, a strong hearty man with a lot of bravery. Sahru is naturally sensitive, a soft big guy who likes the cuter things in life.  Sure he can lift an axe but only after he tries to ask for a smaller one. Despite his size, he’d get bullied often and cry after, with how mushy his heart is.


Baby Drevio was actually interesting to realize! Still a forest trekking trickster with no shoes but an interest in exploring the areas around him. He climbs a lot of trees and plays pranks on the local hikers and travelers in the area.  Also, he has NOT learned any English yet, opting only speak his native imp tongue. What he’s saying translates to: 

“This banana is good! it taste so fresh and sweet! i wonder if there are more deep in the forest… Yummy!”


I thought I’d do three more one-offs for now and come back to this concept later! Definitely something I had a LOT of fun doing!